November Intacct Blog Roundup

Fall is a busy season here at Intacct and our blogging schedule has been jam packed! In case you missed some of our posts, check out some of our favorites from the past month.

TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview with Rob Reid
Robert Reid, CEO of Intacct, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. Hosted by Josh Bland, the series explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. In this episode, Rob and Josh discussed why Intacct has chosen to target the mid-market, why the cloud is the future, and why financial management must always be correct.

How is the Role of the CFO Evolving?
The business world is changing. As it does, the role of the CFO is also evolving in parallel. The responsibilities for today’s finance chiefs continue to move from number-crunching and spreadsheet management, to navigating the organization through market volatility and embracing new technology to make better, faster decisions. With more access to data across the business than any other organizational function, finance teams are best positioned to bring to light valuable insights from their unique view.

Intacct Announces its Customer Success Award Winners
Intacct announced the winners of our 2015 Customer Success Awards in front of a record-breaking audience at our largest Advantage conference to date! Intacct CEO Robert Reid presented this year’s awards to four deserving companies:, Marketo, Solutionreach, and System One.

See Your Way to Mission Success
Intacct Advantage 2015 marked the exciting launch of Intacct’s Digital Board Book for Fundraising. This new digital board book automates the calculation of operational fundraising insights, using real-time transactional data from systems of record, including Intacct and Salesforce. With over 28,000 nonprofit organizations utilizing Salesforce, it has become a major player in the donor management market. Both Intacct and Salesforce are true cloud, best-in-class solutions, and as such, are perfect solutions to combine—providing nonprofit organizations with connected financial processes.

Meet the Tech-Savvy CFO
New data. New metrics. New technologies. New revenue models. From big data and network effects to the subscription economy and cloud computing, modern finance is undergoing its most fundamental transformation ever.

The role of the CFO will never be the same. The drivers of this change come from all directions—customers, the Board, your finance team, your stakeholders within the firm. And most of all, technology is driving change in the CFO role. We all know that change is rarely easy, even if entirely worthwhile. In this case, technology is both the source of your challenge and the solution you need.

Today, it takes a tech-savvy CFO—someone who understands and embraces the promise and power of technology—to navigate this exciting but sometimes uncertain future.

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