2016 has just about come and gone…here’s a recap of this past month’s top blog posts!

5 Signs Your Company Needs Accounting Software
Some companies try to manage their accounting tasks via Excel, sticky note reminders, and filing cabinets bursting with documents. Maybe they even pull it off. The accounts stay balanced. Vendors get paid. Checks go out. But what happens when the CEO asks for a report on all new customer revenue since the start of the year, or what quantity of a certain product is on hand?

If this is how you do your accounting, it might be time to consider a change. 

Michael Gabriel Sumastre, a writer for TechnologyAdvice, describes the five signs that your business needs accounting software in this post.

Intacct Advantage 2016 Recap
Intacct Advantage 2016 was a phenomenal event—what a fantastic week it was getting to meet and network with our customers, partners, and prospects. Our time in Orlando flew by as the week was filled with product releases, breakout sessions, customer and partner receptions, and more.

Check out this post on how Intacct showcased several new innovations and updates during the opening keynote.

Intacct Advantage 2016 Media Coverage
Intacct was pleased to host a number of media and analysts again at Intacct Advantage 2016. These influencers have provided thoughtful and compelling coverage on their time at the conference. Check out what they had to say in this recap.

5 Key Things to Know About the New Revenue Recognition Standard
In May 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No. 2014-09, Revenue from Contracts with Customers. This standard will impact all entities that have contracts with customers, including not-for-profits.

Many not-for-profit organizations are unsure how this new standard will impact them; those concerns include which revenue sources the standard applies to, how to apply the standard, and when the standard will take effect.

Clark Nuber shares five key things to know about the new revenue recognition standard.

Ready or Not, the ASC 606 Countdown is Upon Us
The FASB and IASB have already delayed the standard’s official adoption dates by one year, but it appears that leaders haven’t made the most of their deadline extension.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, 8 percent of public companies are still yet to assess or implement the new revenue accounting rules. 

Wipfli LLP/Brittenford  addresses this problem in this compelling guest post.

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