is an HR compensation company in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology vertical. Just about a year ago, they were operating without using any financial systems whatsoever. Mackenzie Kinder, the company’s Controller, sat down with AcctTwo to discuss his experience with bringing Sage Intacct onboard. 

AcctTwo: Mackenzie, can you tell us a little about and why you decided to use Sage Intacct?

MK: is a SaaS company that provides compensation data to customers so that they can benchmark jobs, find out how they would like to pay their employees, and if it’s comparable to the market, among other things.

When I came on board as the corporate controller in March 2016 we didn't have any financial systems. We had approximately 70 employees and no accounting system and no CRM. We partnered with AcctTwo to implement Sage Intacct as our accounting system. We had a large demand from management on reporting and analysis and I think that's one of the places where Sage Intacct has really just knocked it out of the park.

AcctTwo: That’s great to hear! Can you go into a little more detail on why?

MK: Sage Intacct is great for software and tech companies because one of the things that we're always looking for in the industry is looking prospectively instead of historically. Sage Intacct allows you to do just this.

We specifically utilized the AcctTwo Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard which gives us granularity into our customer base, something I haven't gotten in any other system before. We're able to see not only new customers, but churn on a CMRR or AR basis. We're also looking at upgrades and downgrades, upsells and downsells, and Sage Intacct really allows us to define that. Without a product like Sage Intacct, producing those metrics, especially on a timely basis, would be almost impossible.

AcctTwo: How has Sage Intacct been able to help your company grow?

MK: As our business changes, Sage Intacct gives us a lot of flexibility in how we manage and look at our own company. We're able to define through dimensions exactly what we want to report on. Having real-time access to the data and being able to share that with the rest of the company just makes my team look like rock stars.

AcctTwo: What would you say has been the biggest improvement since bringing on Sage Intacct?

MK: One of the biggest issues with being a carve out from a large company with no financial systems was that we just didn't have any insight into our customer base. With Sage Intacct and the AcctTwo dashboard, we've really been able to get ahold of our customer base and manage not only the renewals but also get ahead of the churn.

AcctTwo: Amazing! Lastly, how has working with AcctTwo been?

MK: Working with the AcctTwo team has been simple. Whenever I have a problem, I can send an email or make a phone call and they're responsive, they're there. If they don't know the answer, they'll find someone who does.

Throughout our journey with AcctTwo the relationships continued to evolve. Starting with the managed services team, evolving into customization on our product and now, AcctTwo is our continued support. It's really helpful that they're always there when we need them. I truly see them as a business partner.

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