We know there are many solutions out there to pick from when it comes to financial software. In this blog, Kathy Crelly, the Director of Finance for the National Athletic Trainers Association, lays out her experience working with JMT Consulting and why she picked Sage Intacct.

JMT: Hi Kathy! To get started, could you share with us what the National Athletic Trainers Association does?

KC: The National Athletic Trainers Association provides support and advocacy and education to athletic trainers. It's important to note that they’re not just the people that tape ankles on the sidelines at the sporting events. You'd be surprised how many different settings they are in; they're at Cirque du Soleil, NASA, and more. It's important for us to support them so they can support the community that they're serving. I think without us they wouldn't have the right voice.

JMT: How does your role in finance play in giving them this voice?

KC: The finance role in the National Athletic Trainers Association is to tell the right story with how we spend money. We want to be good stewards with memberships and it’s very important that we’re transparent with the members on how we’re spending the money. We feel that Sage Intacct gives us the right ability and reporting to be transparent with them.

JMT: Absolutely. Why did you want to switch systems? And what was your selection process like?

KC: The challenges we were facing with our old financial management system was that I didn't feel that we were telling the right story of our finances. I came from a for-profit environment so it didn't seem strange when I started the role, but as I learned more about the nonprofit world, I realized that there's a different story to be told. We weren't able to do this with our old system.

On top of that, we had to pull information from multiple sources and make sure everything tied out to be able to tell our story correctly. And if we found an error in one area it took many man hours to get it identified and corrected.

Our selection process took place over the course of several months. After speaking to another nonprofit organization going through the process, I learned about JMT Consulting and that they had Sage Intacct as their solution. After diving deeper into the product, I really liked the dimensional accounting and reporting features of Sage Intacct. I felt that the software was going to help us tell the right story of our finances.

JMT: How do you feel about starting the implementation process?

KC: We had a great kickoff meeting and we're really looking forward to getting going with the implementation. It's a scary process but I feel like having the right people behind you makes a big difference.

JMT: What has been NATA’s time and costs savings?

KC: The time savings and cost savings are hard to quantify at this stage of the game. We just had our kickoff meeting a few weeks ago and have already identified areas that are going to save the department significant time in our manual processes. So we're looking forward to becoming a more efficient department.

JMT: That’s so great to hear! What has your experience been like working with JMT?

KC: The people we've spoken with always have the answer. I can pick up the phone and call them, ask any question and not feel stupid for asking. They're also very professional. I always feel like my needs are met when I reach out for help.

I would recommend JMT to my peers. I like the nonprofit niche that they're in and their knowledge and experience in this area would be a great asset to anyone that's looking for this type of service.

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