Qbix Accounting Solutions, a Sage Intacct Accountants Program Partner since 2012, sits down with Sage Intacct in this interview to discuss what it’s like being our partner.

Sage Intacct: Hi Rocky! Could you start off by introducing yourself and Qbix Accounting Solutions?

RD: Absolutely! My name is Rocky Davidson, and I'm the CEO for Qbix Accounting Solutions. We've been a Sage Intacct partner since 2012. Our original goal was to be an outsourcing CPA firm. In the beginning we started with some audits and tax returns but over the years we disposed of the audits and tax returns and moved solely to outsourced accounting.

We joined the Sage Intacct Accountant Program through CPA.com. We have always used cloud-based solutions when possible and this made Sage Intacct a natural fit.

Sage Intacct: What are some reasons why organizations, specifically nonprofits, should use Qbix Accounting?

RD: The reason that organizations should use Qbix Accounting Solutions is that we're very knowledgeable in the nonprofit space. Training for our staff is extremely important and, in fact, 70% of our staff are nonprofit certified accounts with the AICPA as well as certified accounting specialists with Sage Intacct. We are very knowledgeable and dedicated to the space, and it shows in our work.

Sage Intacct: How would you describe your relationship with your customers?

RD: Our customers expect a lot of us. We are heavily involved in all of our clients.  In many cases we enter all their payables, receivables, and close their books at the end of the month. They have unlimited access to us through our agreement so we get calls from their teams every day. We're really an extension of their organization.

Sage Intacct: Since you’re working with multiple organizations at a time and rarely physically in the same office as them, a cloud-based solution must be important for you to use, right?

RD:  Cloud-based has always been important to us, even in the very beginning in 2008 before we heard about Sage Intacct. We started with QuickBooks and were using remote desktop to access it for us and our clients. We wanted all parties to access the same information at the same time, as if we were in the office with them.  The problems with remote desktop is complexity for the end user and the administration required.

Sage Intacct was a significantly better solution for us because we didn't have to worry anymore about updating the software and about things like the internet crashing on our side of things where clients couldn't access their information. Just a significantly better and much easier to maintain system.

Sage Intacct: What’s a recent success story you’d like to tell us in regards to your partnership with Sage Intacct?

RD: A recent success with Sage Intacct would have to be related to Meals on Wheels, an organization whom we started working with in 2017. They were interesting because they were on QuickBooks for receivables and Abila for their general ledger and payroll. On top of that, they had mounds of spreadsheets. We reached out to them when we heard their CFO was retiring.  The executive director quickly grasped the idea of outsourcing their accounting. We started converting Meals on Wheels to Sage Intacct in May 2017.

We got them completely converted within about a month and a half and they’re now up and running. Some issues that they were having prior to Sage Intacct were that their financial statements were coming out two or three months later. We've gotten them down to 15 days and they are now much better monitoring on their grants. A lot of that can be owed to Sage Intacct. It just really is a much, much better product for working with these nonprofits.

Sage Intacct: Lastly, any advice to new Sage Intacct accounting partners?

RD: My advice to a new Sage Intacct accounting partner would be to listen to your advisors from Sage Intacct. They are wonderful, they've been through this with a lot of other firms, and they know exactly what to do. And when you look at what they tell you, it's really true. Embrace it and then take it all the way to where your firm needs to go.

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