When JoAnn Daniel joined George A. Kint Corporation as the controller, she quickly identified a number of issues within the finance department. She had a hard time trusting the numbers that were there and realized right away they needed to fix it. Since implementing Sage Intacct in early 2017, she’s already seeing massive improvements. Read more about them in this interview with Wipfli.

Wipfli: Thanks Joann for sitting down with us! Would you mind quickly introducing yourself and the company?

JD: My name is JoAnn Daniel, I am the controller of George A Kint Corporation in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Kint Corporation is a small business in central Pennsylvania. It's a multigenerational company which was started in 1954. We offer fire protection services and we are the leading provider of beverage CO2 systems in central Pennslyvania. We offer an array of products and services to support the restaurant and tavern industry.  

Wipfli: To jump right in – what were some of the challenges you were facing before Sage Intacct?

JD: When I began working for Kint Corporation about a year ago, I came in and they had not had a financial person with an accounting background. I came in and there was a lot of issues with reporting, trusting the numbers that were there, and determining where we were falling short, and why we were making profits or losses.

We were doing a lot of manual statements and spreadsheets to try to analyze our data. And I realized at that point that there were some inherent problems in the setup of those things. The last news you want to deliver as a brand-new accountant in the company is “we've got to scratch this; it's time to move on and start over.”

Wipfli: That sounds rough!

JD: Yeah, when we decided to transition to a new financial management software, it obviously was driven by the statistics, numbers, and financials. What I also saw within the organization was people working in their silos. They were not understanding or interested in what the person next to them was doing. They had their things that they had to accomplish that day, they did them well, and they were on board from that. But, they also could not see the impact that they were making to the company, whether it was financially or in their support for what the company's mission and vision are.

I knew that an integrated accounting package would help bring the company together as a whole. And, help us to become much more diverse and help us to work together more as a team.

Wipfli: Absolutely agreed! So you decided to go with Sage Intacct – what were the initial interactions like?

JD: I have no doubt that much of the success of our implementation (and even going with Sage Intacct) was because of Wipfli. The very first contact that I had as a Controller of the company was with our sales representative, Stephanie, and from the minute I started talking to her – it wasn't a sales pitch. It wasn't this routine that she went through; we had a discussion. We shared screens immediately, went right through a few examples so I knew the basic functions were there. She gave me some examples of what reports can look like from a dimension standpoint and what that meant. And I knew it was more than what we even thought was out there. We built that relationship right away.

Wipfli: What was the implementation process like?

JD: I will always remember the first meeting that we had with Sage Intacct and the team that was brought onboard once we were transitioned from our sales rep to our implementation team. It was a diverse group of people and they were calming, supportive, and recognized our needs and timeframe. Although we got a little chuckle at an eight week timeline, we were all committed to that and they stood behind us and they said, “We will get you there.” And they absolutely did!

In that first meeting they showed us a timeline and how they were going to monitor all the things that needed to get done, who was responsible, where we were with that, whether we were waiting on the Sage Intacct team to respond or whether it was something that we had to get done. That communication was very clear so that we knew exactly where we were.

Wipfli: I am so happy things went so smoothly! How are things for you now that you’re up and running?

JD: We are getting just our high-level reporting starting to come out to our managers to get minute-by-minute information. We're not waiting six weeks to find out anymore. They're seeing it every day, asking why things are happening, and are able to drill down and look into it.

One really neat thing that I'm seeing within the company is people are starting to communicate. We're not working in our silos anymore. People are starting to understand where information comes from and where it's going.

Now we're creating this team environment and the energy is starting to come up out of that. So that to me is very, very exciting.

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