Paving the Way to an IPO and Beyond

As your company grows towards an IPO, your success will depend more than ever on smart, fast decision making and flawless execution. Fast-growing companies have been choosing Intacct as the financial foundation for their IPOs for nearly a decade. Why? Because to transform into a public company, you must streamline and automate accounting and reporting while adding robust financial controls that ensure compliance and auditability. And you need to easily scale your financial capabilities as you grow—ideally without adding staff.

Intacct is designed to scale with you as your company grows. Below are a few of the examples why Intacct is a partnership that can take you all the way.

When you’re making the change to a new accounting and financial management system, the last thing you want to do is box yourself in with rigid functions and inflexible processes that might require a system change again down the road. Intacct’s flexible architecture was built for the cloud and is infinitely scalable and changeable to meet your needs—today and in the future.

In fact, we are constantly improving it—our innovation team launches a new update once per quarter. These updates are seamless to you, but that rate of innovation is 4X what some other players in the market are doing.

The reason so many of the fastest-growing companies use Intacct to automate their processes and eliminate their business challenges is because Intacct helps them grow even faster. Public companies like: Marketo (the #2 software IPO of 2013), Demandware, Textura, and GrubHub, are all running on Intacct because of how the flexibility in our system responds to the dynamic requirements in their fast-paced businesses.

Guidewire is another great example of a company that’s grown with Intacct after switching from Quickbooks. When they started working with Intacct in 2006, they were a medium-sized company with high potential. They had 3 entities, 50 employees, and about $90M in revenue. But due to an ineffective financial system, it took them 48 days per year (12 days a quarter) to run their consolidations.

Today, Guidewire has over 10 entities, more than 1,000 employees, and revenue over $350M. By automating processes with Intacct they’re able to run their consolidations in under 1 hour. More importantly, they have generated significant operational and automation cost savings by using Intacct: including over $2.5M in collections improvements and 22% reduction in finance headcount costs. Additionally, when they completed their IPO, they estimated a 40% savings in IPO-related expenses.

Guidewire was the top performing software IPO of 2012. They are now closing on 9 years with us and represent another example of the benefits you get with Intacct.

Intacct understands the needs of high-growth software companies and is exclusively focused on financial management. It’s all we do, and that’s why we’re the best at it.

Is your company planning to go public? Learn more about how Intacct can help public companies, or those looking to go public, or view our on-demand webinar: Your IPO is Coming. Is Your Finance Team Ready?