Post-Intacct Advantage Synopsis with Brian Terrell

BTerrell Group was a Platinum Sponsor for Intacct Advantage 2014, which wrapped up about a month ago. Now that the dust has settled and everyone has had a chance to get back to the business of selling Intacct, I thought it would be a good time to sit down with Brian Terrell, Managing Partner of BTerrell Group, and discuss his reflections on the conference.

BB: How did people react to the debut of Workforce Go!?

BT: Here’s a direct quote from an unsolicited email I received after I returned from the conference: “It was great meeting you at Advantage. I’m pretty excited about the integration you’ve done with Ameriflex / Kronos. We’ll definitely be in touch with you guys.” This response was indicative of the overall feedback we received while in Orlando.

BB: Were you surprised at anything that happened at the event?

BT: Not surprised, but very happy to receive the excellent support from AmeriFlex Business Solutions, our Workforce Go! services and technology partner. They sent four folks to help us man the booth, and the partners and customers loved their representatives! They made us—and the product—look good!

BB: What was your favorite session and why?

BT: I enjoyed Lisa McLeod’s keynote presentation that reminded me the primary purpose of my business life parallels the primary purpose of my personal life. That is, I should make a difference in the lives of those people around me. Lisa’s ability to communicate and her stage presence added greatly to the content she shared.

BB: What do you regret, if anything, that you didn't get to do at the event?

BT: I regret not riding the Hollywood Rip Rode Rockit one more time on Wednesday evening. Intacct secured the Universal Studios theme park for our exclusive use, and riding the roller coaster rocks when the line is non-existent! I rode it until I was queasy!

BB: Tell me a little about the demo stations at your booth. Were they well received?

BT: We had four demo stations in our trade show booth, and they were always very busy. The questions were excellent and the interest was genuine, and we signed up a new customer before the conference ended. And, I know we generated several more opportunities, which are in process at this time. However, the main goal this year was to build awareness for us to capitalize on in the next 12 months. I think we accomplished that.

BB: What were the top products everyone wanted to see at your booth?

BT: We were surprised by the number of folks interested in our International ACH product. This app generates EFT payment files for domestic and international currency payments using template formats specified by client banks. Other than Workforce Go!, International ACH was our “showstopper”!

BB: What Intacct announcements excited you the most?

BT: Intacct shared lots of great information with us at the event. The highlights include: Aaron Harris’ continued emphasis on the social component of Intacct, which the company calls Intacct Collaborate Intacct announced that Kent Hollrah, a good friend of BTerrell Group, as the new overall Channel Manager for the NFP line. The company plans major investments to enhance the product’s distribution and health care capabilities.

BB: It sounds like you received a lot of value for your sponsorship and participation at Intacct Advantage 2014. Have you begun to make plans for next year, and what would you say to other potential sponsors about the value proposition delivered by the event?

BT: It’s a little early to make definite plans, but we are already talking about how we can continue to be a major part of Intacct Advantage in the future. To those current or prospective members of the Intacct ecosystem who have thought about participating in the event, I would encourage them to go all in! I can think of no place else that gives effective access to all the potential customers and business partners for Intacct related products and services. To me, it’s a no brainer!

BB: Any other tidbits you want to share?

BT: BTerrell Group was really excited to receive additional recognition as one of eight Intacct Premier Partners. We enjoyed the response we received and are challenged to keep pace for next year. Also, I’m reminded by how fortunate I am to work with a great group of professionals at BTerrell Group. They challenge and thrill me not only with their technical expertise but also with the way they serve partners and clients. These guys and gals perform at a high level everyday whether we are in Dallas or Orlando. Intacct Advantage reminded me how great our group is, and I am grateful for that.

Have additional questions for Brian? Feel free to post them in the comments section and we’ll track down his responses. To find out more about BTerrell Group, please visit their website. You can also connect with Brian on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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