At Marketo, the Sales team uses Salesforce for the initial quote and customer account details. Here is what Marketo looks to achieve:

  • Make it easy to quote for the Sales team
  • Make it easier for the accounting team to process the order once the quote is complete

Integration of Salesforce Account and Opportunity information allows the Marketo accounting team to avoid manual data re-entry in Intacct, which saves hours of time each day. The sales team initially enters the data during quote creation and the Billing and Revenue teams are able to take on reviewer roles versus data entry roles. This eliminates the need for the finance team to ‘re-enter’ data that the sales team has already entered.

In addition, at Marketo, once an invoice is generated in Intacct, it flows immediately back into Salesforce. This allows the sales teams the ability to view PDFs of the invoice for reference. The sales team can also view invoice payment status to help them plan for when their commissions will be paid out. The result is that the Marketo sales team can be (mostly) self-sufficient and eliminates the need for extra emails to the finance team. It also makes it less prone to error and disputes about accuracy. This is huge in keeping sales people focused on the job they are hired to do—to sell!

Tips for your integration—how to get it right—sooner
Understanding the capabilities of your software solutions can result in customer retention, process efficiencies, and more. At Marketo, information is tied between Salesforce and Intacct using the Salesforce 15 digit IDs. The Sales Order Header contains the Salesforce Opportunity ID and Sales Order Lines contain both the Opportunity ID and Opportunity Product ID. This allows information from the up to 800 Salesforce fields to be tied to the invoice line. This in turn means less information needs to be sent into Intacct, but reporting can be trusted to be holistic and complete.

Marketo’s billers historically did semi-complicated logic manually for each order to determine how and when to invoice. The team determined what the logic was and expressed it in terms of Salesforce formulas. The information is now calculated in Salesforce and integrated directly into Intacct and then used by automated Intacct customization scripts to help eliminate manual billing errors. A proactive approach to collections and customer retention provides positive results by increasing cash flow and revenue.

Quoting at Marketo is all done within Salesforce, and the Echosign integration is used to send the agreement to the customer for signature. Depending on data entered on the Salesforce account record, the customer is requested to provide ABN, VAT, and/or PO numbers, and these Echosign details are populated back to the Salesforce opportunity and pushed into Intacct—all the information is now on the invoice! It makes life much more efficient for both sales and finance.

As Intacct is updated with paid invoice information it immediately updates in Salesforce. However, when invoices are not paid, Marketo has created additional Salesforce logic to alert the sales team. For example, when an invoice is overdue, a ribbon will display on the Salesforce account. The ribbon will alert the account manager as follows:

  • Overdue invoice
  • Reach out to the accounting team
  • We advise not to pursue upsells, rather focus on customer satisfaction

Parting words of wisdom
Amy’s final piece of advice is to share one of her best practices in Intacct.

Amy advises that if a user is adding custom fields in Intacct to drive functionality or for reporting in the GL, add the same field on all transaction types possible in your order entry workflow to maintain complete data in Intacct, as it is difficult to go back later and fill in missing information. It can be tied back to Salesforce using a BI tool or Excel to be able to piece together the information later, but it’s helpful to have a full set of data inside Intacct for a quick custom report or financial report which deals only with Intacct data. A little time upfront can save you lots of time and frustration later when you want information at your fingertips!

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