Glenn Wood is the Pastor of Church Administration for Seacoast Christian Community Church, a large, non-denominational church in South Carolina that was founded in 1988. Seacoast Christian Community Church now has 14 locations – and Glenn has been witness to that expansion – having been on staff at the church for nearly 25 years. When Glenn first began attending, Seacoast only had one location where about 600 people attended each week. Today, they proudly have 15,000 people attend services each weekend across all their locations.

When Glenn was hired to work at the church, one of the first big changes he made was to move off of Shelby (version five) and began evaluating a different accounting solution. Seacoast had been using Shelby for almost 18 years and found that it was designed for smaller churches accounting needs. “Shelby was designed for 500 to maybe a thousand to a couple of thousand people,” Glenn recalls. “When we started, we were within that size; but as our chart of accounts got more complex and as we did multi-sites, there were a number of challenges that came out. It really kind of got to the point where it just wasn't managing the data well.”

To do financial reporting back then, Glenn and his team had to take everything out of Shelby, put it into Excel, integrate other data with it, and create percentages that they wanted that were not inherent within the system. The team found that the more times they touched the data, especially outside of the software program, the greater the chance of keying errors and having challenges.

Glenn found that when they made the move to Sage Intacct, it eliminated a lot of those issues because the calculations that they were looking for could be done directly within Sage Intacct.

“We did an extensive evaluation of programs that were out there trying to figure out strengths, weaknesses, what works well with multi-site churches, and what works well with churches of our size. We had a lot of conversations with other churches and the name Sage Intacct kept surfacing,” Glenn recounts. “The final two options were Blackbaud and Sage Intacct. We made a lot of calls to references and talked to a lot of churches that used it. When we would call a church using Sage Intacct, we got long, flowing descriptions on how well it worked, how great it is, and all the benefits of it. When we would call the other packages, we just got, ‘Yeah we use it.’ That was the end of the discussion.”

Seacoast Christian Community Church then began looking for a partner to help take them through the Sage Intacct implementation process. They selected Sage Intacct partner, AcctTwo, to help them undergo this new project. “Having a partner like AcctTwo to work with through the whole implementation was very positive,” Glenn says. “Number one, they truly understood what Sage Intacct could do. They also understood churches. There is some uniqueness to fund accounting and working on non-profits. Having somebody that understood, that was a tremendous help for us. I know that we have partnered with the right software vendor and with the right partner to help implement it.”

Since going live with Sage Intacct, Seacoast Christian Community Church has seen real value from the solution. Glenn has found that having easy access to all of the church’s financial and statistical information in one place via Sage Intacct dashboards has been enormously helpful for his work.

“There have been some huge efficiencies just in terms of hours that we're able to keep everything together and get our staff connected,” Glenn says. “One of the things that Sage Intacct brings to the table is their commitment to the non-profit segment. In the five years that we have been with Sage Intacct, their commitment and the changes that they've made specific to non-profits have been huge. We are just very happy with the non-profit segment that Sage Intacct has.”

For more information on how Sage Intacct has impacted Seacoast Christian Community Church, please see their video and case study.