I'm back from Intacct Advantage 2015 where we launched Intacct’s Digital Board Book for Fundraising. This new digital board book automates the calculation of operational fundraising insights, using real-time transactional data from systems of record, including Intacct and Salesforce. With over 28,000 nonprofit organizations utilizing Salesforce, it has become a major player in the donor management market. Both Intacct and Salesforce are true cloud, best-in-class solutions, and as such, are perfect solutions to combine—providing nonprofit organizations with connected financial processes.

When we look at the various needs, solutions, departments, and perspectives that are part of the daily life of a nonprofit organization, you get lots of opportunity for ‘gaps.’ Whether it’s the gaps between development and finance, or donors and board members, gaps impede stewardship. These gaps have traditionally meant, duplicate work, inefficiency, lack of automation—in general—loss of productivity and a much greater chance of errors. True cloud and best-in-class solutions bridge the gaps, with modern technology and open architecture that brings true visibility and integration. This removes the gaps or interruptions that have existed and brings the efficiency and productivity needed to do more with less—and do it faster and easier.

Really, it’s all about gaining the visibility, automation, efficiency and stewardship edge—to help you maximize impact and ensure mission success. At Intacct, we’re always looking for ways to help nonprofits do more—becoming better stewards. Our desire was to create a tool that would help nonprofit leadership gain instant, real-time visibility around the all important area of fundraising. This digital board book gives you instant visibility into the key metrics and trends that let you know exactly where you are and where you need to go. This is a flexible, configurable dashboard that reflects what matters most to your organization.

There are various metrics in this dashboard. There is data related to donors, giving, fundraising cost, F/R Efficiency ratio, grant revenue, and campaign/event data. You can track trends, performance, outcomes, as well as view financial calculations from both donor and financial data

You don’t have to wait for weeks to know where you are and where you need to go. It’s all instant, real time, and at your fingertips. This type of integration and visibility highlights the benefits of the cloud and best in class solutions like Salesforce and Intacct. Stay tuned for more information on Intacct’s Fundraising Digital Board Book and how it can help you connect your processes.