It seems like lately there has been a host of new terminology around the cloud and ways in which to describe it. A lot of times, this is just a way for vendors of inferior solutions to muddy the water and confuse buyers. I thought it might be useful to help quickly clear up some of the confusion.

For years, on-premises ERP vendors have tried to twist "hosted" solutions into sounding like they offer the exact same benefits as a true, multi-tenant cloud solution. We know that isn’t the case, and we’ve covered this previously.

Similarly, some hybrid cloud ERP vendors (those offering both on-premises and cloud offerings) are now trying to latch onto the concept of a multi-cloud approach to recast shortcomings in their single tenant cloud solution as some sort of positive for the customer. This is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig. These vendors are passing the responsibility to host their single tenant solution to a collection of public and private cloud providers, leaving much of the operations responsibility to either the customer or the hosting provider.

The so-called "multi-cloud" approach these organizations have touted means they're either developing their product to the lowest common denominator or they're losing control of the scale, performance, and security of their solution. It also means there are multiple versions of the product being deployed at any one time. If that is truly the case, it seems it would be difficult to provide great support to each of their customers.

At the end of the day though, many hybrid cloud vendors are forced into this approach because, at the core, their products simply evolved from a client-server solution that, for many years, they've touted as equally at home on-premises or in the cloud.

Intacct, however, is truly built for the cloud and was designed from the start on a true cloud architecture. Intacct’s multi-tenant foundation brings a robust technology infrastructure to organizations, without the high costs, maintenance, or complexity that would be involved with an on-premises solution.

The very purpose for the cloud is to eliminate from the customer’s mind the need to worry about how the solution is deployed.  Intacct offers quarterly, seamless feature release and upgrades with solutions that fit new, emerging businesses to large scale enterprises. In other words, Intacct customers experience the benefits of a truly multi-tenant solution with the ability to instantly access innovation and reduce risk by relying on our world-class security, robust redundancy, and disaster recovery best practices that without multi-tenant only the largest enterprises could afford.

My take? Don’t get fooled by the marketing spin from these hybrid cloud vendors. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck… it’s a duck. Similarly, if it looks like an on-premises system and works like an on-premises system… it brings the same issues as an on-premises system – even if it’s delivered in a hybrid cloud model. If you are looking to move your ERP system to the cloud, you want to look for a true, multi-tenant cloud solution.

I encourage you to elevate your ERP experience and learn more about why Intacct is different. We also offer an on-demand webinar that looks at best practices for selecting financial software to help with your search for the best ERP solution for your business.