Welltok is a data-driven, enterprise SaaS company that delivers the healthcare industry’s leading consumer activation platform. Welltok’s solutions empower leading health plans, employers, providers and public entities to connect consumers with personalized health improvement resources, making it easy and rewarding for consumers to complete actions that optimize their health and wellbeing.

Prior to Sage Intacct, Welltok was on a version of QuickBooks. Early on, they opted to invest in Sage Intacct and ensure they were prepared for scalability to support the growth of Welltok that they knew would come.

With QuickBooks, the process on a record to report basis was highly manual. Implementing a robust tool like Sage Intacct has allowed Welltok to drive automation through the close, enabled better reporting and visibility into the numbers, and changed the team from a cost center compliance function to more of a value add through the financial process.

Having a tool like Sage Intacct gives Welltok more insight into the data. The organization is able to leverage and harness that data to report to its business leaders in a timely and measurable fashion. “You really see the difference of how we as a business are able to move the needle much faster than we would have been otherwise,” said John Fowle, Vice President and Corporate Controller of Welltok.

In addition to Sage Intacct, Welltok has also implemented a number of other solutions available on the Sage Intacct Marketplace, including:

“We've taken full advantage of the entire Sage Intacct ecosystem and look to continue doing that in the years ahead. We recently implemented the Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management module and are seeing significant benefits. We’re getting time back to focus on the value-add processes through the close. Now we're starting to be strategic advisors of the business,” says John. This solution has enabled John’s team to focus more on analytics and data, which provides insights back to their business leaders for better decision making.

Welltok’s investment in Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management allowed the organization to be early adopters of ASC606. “This would not have been possible without a tool and the reporting capabilities that the Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management module offers,” John says.

Welltok has made seven acquisitions over the three and a half years since John has been with the company. “Sage Intacct has given us a platform to bring those acquisitions in and scale those businesses quite quickly. The data was migrated over and we had all acquisitions within the Sage Intacct framework within a week or so,” said John.

Since migrating to Sage Intacct, John particularly favors the flexibility and robust framework in an easy-to-use platform that Welltok can grow and roll out across the business in a very simple fashion. “Sage Intacct allows us to focus on the future. For a company like Welltok, as high growth as we are, the sky's the limit,” he said.

For more information on how Sage Intacct has impacted Welltok, be sure to check out their video and case study.