Today we conclude our "Switching to the Cloud" series.

Rather than attempt to succinctly explain today’s trends in mobility, we're going to borrow the words of an excellent technology analyst, Maribel Lopez, Principal and Founder of Lopez Research. Maribel writes in her blog:

“Today’s workforce is mobile. Whether the media calls it the Consumerization of IT (CoIT) or the new computing era, employees are using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to get work done. We’ve just scratched the surface of the mobile revolution. Businesses that embrace mobile will improve sales and service, reshape business models, and create sustainable competitive advantage.”

Mobility is one of our favorite topics to talk about and write about because mobile technology is so essential to our daily lives—both for personal and business purposes. We love the ecosystem that has developed in the mobile space—devices, apps, services, content, and more.

Yet people don’t often think of mobile and accounting together. Often the proverbial green eye-shade wearing accountant working late at night at a desk comes to mind—ugh. Yet when it comes to your finance and accounting needs, Intacct delivers anytime, anywhere access to the system through the cloud, so you can be location-independent for maximum productivity. Mobile and remote access to Intacct allows you to have a global organization that works around the clock. You can attract top financial talent and let them work from anywhere, ensuring high job satisfaction. And as we've seen with winter storms and other severe weather events during recent years, when roads and offices are closed, Intacct and the cloud give your people the ability to work from home, keeping your organization productive when others are down.

A cloud financial and accounting system provides secure access to your system from anywhere, and improves day-to-day productivity with a cloud-based application.

You can’t have mobile finance and accounting without secure access to the system by remote workers, home office workers, or smartphone and tablet users. With on-premises financials you need security hardware and software to make sure your data and information stays private. That makes it harder to get the financial information to anyone, anywhere, anytime. That was fine a generation ago, but not in today’s era of mobility and location independence. Intacct has built robust security measures directly into the application and platform to prevent unauthorized access that could jeopardize the integrity of your data while allowing for remote access by your employees to keep your business humming along.

With anytime, anywhere access to the system, employees can be productive from any location, whether they are entering data, accessing information or approving transactions. Auditors can look at transactions and process flows from their own offices with limited, audit-level access to the system. And board members based in remote locations can easily participate in financial statement reviews.

Reasons why Intacct’s cloud solution matters to today’s distributed organizations:

  • The only software that anyone needs to use Intacct is a browser on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Access to Intacct is simplified because of the inherent security and encryption of the cloud solution; you don’t need extra VPN software or security hardware and the associated IT support.
  • Mobility allows you to respond faster to your colleagues and customers, driving projects and business forward.
  • Remote access allows you to have a global organization that works from anywhere, around the clock.

That wraps up our blog series on switching to the cloud. Our goal was to address common concerns you may have about the cloud and help you realize that there’s a world of ways to improve your business by moving your accounting and finance processes to the cloud.

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