Switching to the Cloud: Integrations and Best-in-Class Systems

Prior to coming to Intacct, many of our customers were challenged with integrating their premises-based system with other business applications. Today, an accounting and finance system needs to work with the best business applications in the market in order to save you time, money, and headaches. Most on-premises accounting systems were designed a generation or two ago to stand alone. They weren't made to integrate with the sophisticated, automated software we use to run businesses today. As a result, integrations with on-premises financial systems almost always require outside expertise from IT professionals and manual processes to get data shared with other business systems such as payroll, point of sale, billing, CRM, donor management, and more.

A cloud financial and accounting system ensures your technology choices are an exact fit for your business needs with the ability to combine best-in-class financial management with your other systems of choice.

Even pre-built integrations that you add on to your on-premises system are usually “broken” during an application upgrade. Fixing or the integration causes you downtime and increases your chances of making a mistake during a manual work-around.

Moving to the cloud for finance and accounting makes it easier to connect and integrate your system with other business systems that you use, streamlining your processes and workflows.

At Intacct, we make it simple for you to integrate our best-in-class financials with your solutions of choice for other business areas. For example, Intacct makes it easy to synchronize bank account data so you are always working with a single source of transaction data, simplifying the reconciliation process. You can also use our pre-built integration with Salesforce CRM to streamline your sales and finance processes for greater responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

The reason that integration is so easy with Intacct is because we use modern 21st century cloud integration technologies like Web Services, and built Intacct from the very beginning as a platform that allows you to integrate wither other best-in-class business systems. Web Services and APIs make it easier than ever before for you to manage multiple integrated applications for streamlined, agile business operations in the cloud.

The ease of integrating Intacct has resulted in a thriving ecosystem of partners who give our customers pre-built integrations and applications to support a range of business processes like expense automation, asset management, CRM, payroll and more. So if your business changes and you need more technology help in a new area, in many cases you can easily plug a new software solution into Intacct with the point and click of your mouse. No writing code. You can do it yourself! And because Intacct is built on a flexible platform, your integrations won’t “break” during one of our quarterly new feature releases.

We believe that you can and should have the best technology for each area of your business. Our exclusive focus is on financial management. All day. Every day. That means all of our research and development effort is focused on financials, and our customers benefit from a steady stream of new features every 3 months that solve more and more of their financial management challenges. This high level of feature velocity allows you to constantly evolve your financial processes to achieve your objectives. Then we make it easy to integrate with Intacct in the ways described above.

Don’t just take our word for it. The functional richness of our solution has resulted in Intacct being recognized as the preferred provider of financial applications by the AICPA, the world's largest member association representing the accounting profession. They conducted a thorough evaluation of different solutions before selecting Intacct as the best-in-class.

Reasons why Intacct ensures your technology choices are an exact fit for your business needs:

  • Integrations with Intacct are so easy that 75% of our customers integrate Intacct with two or more of their other operational systems.
  • Typical integrations involve a wide variety of functions that you need, like asset management, budget and planning, business intelligence, CRM, eCommerce, document management, expense automation, incentive compensation, payment processing, and management, payroll, project management, service delivery, and time & expense.
  • Intacct’s application includes “point-and-click” integrations for Salesforce.com, Clarizen, AvaTax, PayPal, Authorize.net, and bill.com.
  • Intacct partners have made over 50 integrations available to customers in the Intacct marketplace for a range of business processes.

  • Next time we will be wrapping up this blog series on switching to the cloud with a discussion of mobility. We love talking about and writing about mobile technologies because they have become such an essential part of our personal and business lives.

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