Welcome back. This marks the first “real” entry in this blog series after last week’s introduction. I’ll start with a simple but important statement: the cloud lowers your total cost of ownership compared to on-premises solutions.

And despite the title of this post, switching to the cloud does not mean that you get rid of your IT staff. Far from it! I've never met someone in IT with a shortage of important projects to complete.

At Intacct, we understand that your financial applications are one of the most critical aspects of your business. So we deliver a cloud that promises you availability, security, and reliability for those financial applications, all at a lower cost and higher level of operational excellence than you can build yourself.

Dramatically lower IT costs with a cloud-based application.
On-premises financials place the IT cost and maintenance burden on your organization. You've got servers for your application, database, backup, and probably more—and you need to keep up with changing hardware, software, and operating system versions over time. That level of technology maintenance alone is a full time job – an IT job—not a core responsibility of accounting professionals. Plus, technology maintenance is rarely the desired role for IT professionals, who would rather spend time on more strategic aspects of the business such as streamlining e-commerce or delivering secure “bring your own device” capabilities to the organization.

In addition to keeping the accounting software and hardware current and maintained, you need to make sure that all your financial data is backed up in case of an emergency. You also need to have your system available during peak usage times – you need more computing power during your accounting period close – and that the system is available if you need to take down a server for maintenance. It’s costly and time consuming to ensure backup, capacity, and availability, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

When it comes to security, Intacct has you covered. With a world class data center and operations team, a cloud vendor like Intacct can deliver better infrastructure and operations most any organization can afford. Intacct delivers:

  • Fortune 100-class data centers.
  • 24x7x365 operations and performance monitoring with continuous backups and disaster recovery.
  • SSAE 16 audited processes and controls including secure, authenticated access, permission controls, hardened networks and firewalls, and data encryption.

On the other hand, on-premises applications are subject to greater risk of physical destruction from natural disasters, or data destruction by disgruntled employees due to inadequate passwords or unsecured hardware.

In summary, the cloud eliminates the need for you to install, maintain, and upgrade your hardware and software for financial applications. You also reduce your technology risk with enterprise-class security, backups, and disaster recovery, at a much lower cost than doing it yourself. Intacct reduces your dependence on scarce IT resources and frees up everyone’s time—both finance and IT—to focus on top business priorities.

Reasons why Intacct dramatically lowers your IT costs
  • Intacct runs, maintains, and upgrades the software for you on our own secure, high-performance hardware, eliminating many IT costs.
  • Economies of scale allow Intacct to provide high system availability, backups, and disaster recovery at low cost.
  • Intacct’s "Buy with Confidence" guarantee assures you of world class-service levels for system availability, disaster recovery, and response time from our support organization.
  • The Intacct cloud provides controlled permissions and access, firewalls, scanning, and data encryption to protect your business.

See you next time for a little math, where I’ll cover total cost of ownership calculations.

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