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Intacct Proven as a Top Rated Solution Amongst User Community Reviews

Customer satisfaction has long been a trending topic; recently though, the wins and war stories have become more widespread and more personal. People want to be delighted—for the most important purchases, people want that delight to be all but guaranteed.

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Introducing Intacct Collaborate

Today is an exciting day at Intacct. At Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco we’re introducing Intacct Collaborate, a new collaboration backbone built directly into the Intacct financial system. Intacct Collaborate builds on our ten year relationship with to deliver a better way for Finance, Sales, and Services teams to streamline communications and speed work execution.

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The Essence of Being Cool...

The Oxford Dictionary defines being "cool" as the quality of being fashionably attractive or impressive. I'm not sure if many people would consider an accounting system as fashionable, but I know that a lot of our customers consider Intacct and our cloud financial management and accounting software as impressive. And they're not alone... CRN has once again named Intacct one of its Top 20 "Coolest" Cloud Software Vendors!

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Switching to the Cloud: Better Reporting and Insight for Stakeholders

Last time we wrote about the advantages that cloud accounting has when it comes to visibility into financial and operational reporting and metrics. On-premises accounting systems make it hard to get real-time, relevant insight to run your business.

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Industry Insights—A Conversation with Louis Columbus

For our latest Intacct Industry Insights post, we spoke with Louis Columbus, senior manager of Enterprise Strategies with Cincom, an enterprise software development company with a focus on manufacturing and ERP systems.

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Potential Church: Improving Efficiency with Intacct

Nonprofit organizations are one many vertical markets where Intacct really shines. Last week, we issued a press release on White Ribbon Alliance and the success they've seen moving to Intacct’s cloud financial applications.

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