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Record Number of Partners Achieve Sage Intacct President’s Club Distinction

Sage Intacct is thrilled to announce a record number of partners have achieved membership in this year’s Sage Intacct President’s Club! This coveted sales and customer satisfaction award is given annually by Sage Intacct to its top-performing channel partners.
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The Sage Intacct Journey: A Blog Series with Greg Sands and Kathy Lord, Part 4

Kathy Lord, Senior Vice President of Sales and Customer Success, at Sage Intacct recently sat down with Greg Sands, Founding and Managing Director of Costanoa Ventures, and also a former board member of Intacct, to discuss Sage Intacct’s journey over the past decade. Kathy has been with Sage Intacct for over 11 years, and is participating in a four-part blog series with Greg discussing what it takes to build great SaaS companies, the early stages of Sage Intacct, what she would do differently, and knowing the exact signs that it’s time to scale your company. To wrap up this four-part blog series on Sage Intacct’s $850M, readers will be hearing from both Greg and Kathy today. Check out their final post below as they discuss their journey with Sage Intacct, and things they would have done differently.
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Trends in Operational Metrics Show Demand for Greater Insights

Every modern business uses software management systems, but the best use systems that bring strategic, operational, and financial data together to support and optimize a performance-driven organization. For software companies in 2015, this requires new attributes, focus changes in metrics, and a comprehensive view of growth.

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Innovating the General Ledger: Multiple Books

In my introduction to this series on Innovating the General Ledger, I discussed my passion about the general ledger and how it desperately needs a facelift. Although much of that post centered on my personal opinions, today begins the presentation of real world stories that back up my position and demonstrate how the innovation I suggest can yield real value for business users. I’ll start with how companies need multiple books—whether they know it or not.

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Industry Insights—A Conversation with Bob Spinner

Our latest Intacct Industry Insights interview took place with Bob Spinner, a Managing Director at Sigma West, an early to mid-stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Sigma West has been an early cloud evangelist with investments including: Demandbase, Docusign, oDesk, Responsys, Strava, YouSendIt, and Intacct.

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