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  • Intacct Blog: The Full-Stack CFO
  • The Full-Stack CFO

    Today’s CFOs are tech-savvy individuals, and most use technology daily in their personal lives – from making payments via mobile app, to checking bank statements online.
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  • Intacct Blog: 5 Leadership Qualities of a Tech-Savvy CFO
  • 5 Leadership Qualities of a Tech-Savvy CFO

    The success or failure of a company is directly dependent on the collective decisions of each team member, but the actions of the team are dependent on their leader. A strong leader will inspire their team to develop themselves both personally and professionally, which generates passion for improvement. A unified, passionate team will perform with enhanced productivity and contribute to the growth and success of their company. Therefore, being a great leader is required for running a great business. The following five leadership qualities are essential for any tech-savvy CFO.

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  • Intacct Blog: When Traditionalism Should Be Dead
  • When Traditionalism Should Be Dead

    In 1944, Winston Churchill said, “A love of tradition has never weakened a nation, indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril…” But he didn’t stop there. Churchill very aptly concluded, “…but the new view must come, the world must roll forward.It’s long been discussed that there are a variety of personas that many CFOs carry. In fact, a recent survey of 1,500 financial experts determined that CFOs fall into six distinct categories: politicians (27%), revolutionaries (19%), carers (19%), conductors (16%), traditionalists (9%), and visionaries (9%).

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  • Intacct Blog: Collaboration: The New Corporate Imperative
  • Collaboration: The New Corporate Imperative

    Today’s tech-savvy CFO sees collaboration as an essential element to their company’s success. Communicating faster and smarter to strengthen teamwork, expediting processes, and improving decision making have driven CFOs to take the lead on establishing best practices to support collaboration. Their advocacy for and curation of collaboration throughout the organization has become a cultural initiative of the same stature as product innovation and outstanding customer service.

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  • Intacct Blog: The Tech-Savvy CFO Roundup
  • The Tech-Savvy CFO Roundup

    This past month, Intacct has been laser focused on enabling our customers, partners, and prospects with the content and tools to become more tech-savvy, while also conveying why this is so important. In case you missed it, check out this past month’s blogs and see how you can start your tech-savvy journey today.

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  • Intacct Blog: How Tech-Savvy CFOs Make the Most of Their Financial Metrics
  • How Tech-Savvy CFOs Make the Most of Their Financial Metrics

    We’ve made the case for years: There’s a huge opportunity and need for CFOs to become more strategic to their organizations. We all agree that financial data should heavily influence future decisions within any business eyeing long-term success. But the cumbersome effort required to gather and analyze historical performance data and project future outcomes has hindered many finance leaders’ ability to spend less time managing data and more time acting as a strategic partner to the organization.

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  • Intacct Blog: Tech-Savvy CFOs Take the Progress Option
  • Tech-Savvy CFOs Take the Progress Option

    Change is inevitable; progress is optional—Tony Robbins. Or, for the purposes of this article...CLOUD is inevitable; YOUR progress from it is optional. The word “cloud” has taken on a whole new meaning over the last few years. What once was only seen in the sky above, “cloud” is now all around us. Do you have a smartphone? Did you post on Facebook today? LinkedIn? Twitter? All of those applications are considered cloud. In today's high tech world, in fact, we are all surrounded by the cloud.

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  • Intacct Blog: Empowering Tech-Savvy CFOs
  • Empowering Tech-Savvy CFOs

    While some CFOs count themselves amongst the more tech-savvy people in an organization, many tend to be quite risk averse by nature—and therefore—late technology adopters. However, today’s business landscape is changing—how customers evaluate products, the volume of real-time data available to chart the course of your business, and the mobile access employees have to critical systems.

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