The Sage Intacct Community provides an opportunity to connect with colleagues, increase your product knowledge, and browse helpful resources.  I was formerly the Global Director of Accounting Systems at Room to Read and am currently a Manager in the Sage Intacct practice at Armanino, Sage Intacct’s largest certified VAR partner. My experience with the Sage Intacct Community brings both the lens of the customer and partner into clear view! Here are my top tips for Community Engagement.


The Sage Intacct Community goes beyond just “Help.” While “Help” in Sage Intacct can be helpful, sometimes you need a little bit more. Community users provide opinions about when you might want to use one option over the other so you can try multiple ideas and figure out what works best for your organization. One use case is, turn to the Community and say -- either in the general forum or in an industry specific forum, "What are you guys doing? I know this can be done multiple ways. But what is your recommended best practice? And how have you been able to leverage the system for this example fact pattern?" And then the feedback from your peers on what they are doing is golden! The ability to get that kind of specific feedback is a great way to engage the Community and a great reason why you might want to start.


As an implementer, we're expected to be the experts. However, just as I can't know every accounting rule, I also can't know everything about the software. As a former administrator of Sage Intacct, when I was asked a question I didn't know the answer to, my first step was to check “Help,” and if I didn’t get everything I needed there then I would put in a couple keywords into the Community and get a wealth of information! Searching the Community allows you to look for something that fits your fact pattern, and you can do a deeper dive on specific topics. The Community is a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the software overall.


If you're thinking about expanding into a new module, Community will help you understand what options are out there and your peers can share their own experiences, "I hear there's all these budgeting tools out there, or all these expense tools out there. What are you using and why?" Multiple options exist for Marketplace insights, including engaging your account manager or your implementation partner. Crowdsourcing through Community is a great way to build your network and to find Sage Intacct users who are at a similar stage or perhaps even a bit more advanced in their usage.


You can set your email preferences in Community under My Settings to receive either daily or weekly digests to receive everything posted in your groups. I greatly benefit from these regular digests. I can quickly review everything that's been asked and discussed that day or week and be a passive participant in the Community. Once those digests are emailed, I read them on the commute into work in the morning and catch up on things that I may never have even thought to ask . So even if I'm not looking for anything specific, I'm still absorbing the information shared in Community and learning more about Sage Intacct. Next, the ability to bookmark information is a great feature, and really underutilized. Once you bookmark a post, if anybody makes a comment or a product manager marks it as “Ready for Release” - you will get notified if you have it bookmarked. You can be considering a topic or module, but perhaps it's not relevant to you now. Bookmarking allows you to find details later and remain informed.


Of course, I think the most powerful use of Community is the ability to submit product ideas. Sage Intacct really listens! Every idea goes directly to a product manager. They review all ideas, reclassify, and sometimes combine existing ideas. You are also updated when your idea has been released or if an idea you voted on has been released. Make sure you vote on ideas! It is one of the best ways to suggest and escalate ideas so they get implemented in a future release.

I like the ability to go to one place for Community interaction, submitting process and software improvements, and submitting support tickets. It’s a one-stop shop! The support team is quick, efficient and provides clients with solutions. Bottom line, get engaged and the join the Community today! Feel free to contact [email protected] for any additional questions or insights into using the Sage Intacct Community.