Today we continue with the next installment from our series of videos with eCornell. In this edition, Clark Newby discusses some of today’s hottest business and technology trends, including the impact of mobile devices and cloud computing on the workplace.

The majority of companies are now in the midst of a cloud transformation, moving off antiquated on-premises software developed in the last century, and moving onto the cloud with modern, SaaS-based business systems. This transition helps organizations scale more quickly, digest new technologies rapidly, and benefit from the flexibility of subscription payment plans.

As people increasingly access new systems through the cloud, the mobile revolution continues in both our personal and, more and more, in our professional lives. Mobile devices let workers check emails and dashboards from anywhere, and are supporting more types of mobile commerce every day. As has been proven with the increasing use of smart personal devices, mobile is just a more engaging, more productive model for interacting with information and gleaning insight more quickly from that information.

Hear Clark's take on some of the business and technology trends in the marketplace in this short video.

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