Tri-County Mental Health Services is a safety net health care provider of behavioral health services in the North Kansas City area that helps clients and consumers that are mentally ill and normally don't have many insurance options in Ray, Platte, and Clay counties. Their mission is to serve not only the person’s immediate mental health crisis they might be in, but also their long-term continued success.

Prior to switching to Sage Intacct, Tri-County Mental Health had a server-based system that was on premise. The system didn't offer any capabilities regarding being able to access their system remotely or providing work flows internally.

Michelle Naus, the CFO of Tri-County Mental Health Services, knew that a cloud-based system would be the best option for the organization. She evaluated both Oracle NetSuite and Sage Intacct but ultimately selected Sage Intacct due to the flexibility offered and for the wide partner network that Sage Intacct has established. “The capabilities that Sage Intacct has for integrations and multiple partners was a huge selling point for us. It was also the economic choice for us as a non-profit,” Michelle says. “Sage Intacct really allowed us to be able to make the package that we would get the most benefit.”

After Tri-County Mental Health Services selected Sage Intacct and were ready to implement, they went in search of an implementation partner. They selected BKD because it was a firm that Tri-County Mental Health Services had worked with before and felt that BKD knew the industry very well and could help them implement Sage Intacct quickly.

Since Tri-County Mental Health Services switched to Sage Intacct they have made several improvements on multiple processes. The first one was the journal entry process. Previously, they would print out the journal entry, write it up, and make copies of all the documentation to support it. Now with Sage Intacct the accountants can prepare the journal entry and attach the required documentation, it routes to Michelle for approval, and by one click of a button it's posted in the system.

Another process that the organization has seen great improvement is with its board and manager packets. Previously, the finance team was spending time making multiple spreadsheets in Excel. “If we made one change to a journal entry, it meant reprinting reports and entering those into Excel to produce a report,” Michelle recounts. “Now it's a click of the button. It's seconds, and we have that board packet ready to go. Without Sage Intacct we couldn't get financials completed until minutes before the board packet deadline. There was a time I was sitting in my office and the light bulb went off that we had made the right decision. We had to make a last-minute change for our board; we quickly made that change in the system and reproduced the reports within seconds of us going into the board meeting. That is something we couldn't do before.”

Michelle and her finance team have also been utilizing Sage Intacct’s dashboards. “These dashboards have been so helpful because if there's a question that a manager asks every month, every week, you can program that into their dashboard and they can access that information on the fly,” Michelle notes. “I think that's the key. It's in a real time format.”

These dashboards and reports give Tri-County Mental Health managers more ownership as far as how they can make changes to better affect their services, departments, and expenses.

Given that Tri-County Mental Health Services is in the healthcare industry, Michelle also appreciated that Sage Intacct is HIPAA compliant, and considered that a selling point in their selection process. “We are under intense scrutiny as far as billing compliance and HIPAA compliance. Knowing that Sage Intacct abided by those guidelines was hugely important to myself and to our management team,” she says. “Our CEO was very excited. He'll come to my office to look at the system and we drill down into the reports. He's amazed at how easy and efficient it is that I can get information for him in a quick manner.”

For more information on how Sage Intacct has impacted Tri-County Mental Health Services, be sure to check out their video and case study.