Intacct’s CEO, Rob Reid and CFO, Marc Linden, are both presenting at the JMP Securities Technology Research Conference this week.  Many of our customers are on the Hot 100 Privately Held Software Companies list and I sat in on several of their presentations.  These are some of the best upcoming companies in the world who have raised significant funding.  Six common themes consistently came up as critical components of a great investor presentation:

  1. You need a story that simply conveys the shift in the industry – what is different this year than last year. One of our customers in the security space talked about the 1,000,000,000+ Internet of Things devices out there today that are not being secured and thus being used in sophisticated security attacks.  By laying out a huge Total Addressable Market (TAM), they had the audience in suspense on how they would solve it.
  2. Share what pain is driving the shift and how this disrupts the buyer’s daily life. This is your Buyer’s Journey as people go through the stages of becoming aware there is a problem, considering how to solve it, and then deciding to act.  A leader in the Artificial Intelligence space dived into the amount of data from internet searches coming in to marketers but that they are unable to compile it all to make educated decisions on scoring and how to act upon the data.
  3. Talk about the team and their history of disruption. A customer of ours who is a leader in Fintech laid out how they are turning the traditional small business loan market on their head to make capital more accessible to credit-worthy SMBs.  They have recruited a great executive team out of the banking industry that has the talent to build a big business.
  4. Share the enemy who are you disrupting and why customers already dislike them – you are the Jedi warriors against what is commonly believed to be a Darth Vader who doesn’t care about customers. A fantastic customer of ours in the Customer Success space talked about the old ways of approaching customer satisfaction and the subsequent archaic approaches by the legacy vendors, and instead offered a much more intuitive user experience, workflow, and collaboration for teams to work together to maximize retention and thus, profit.
  5. Data, Data, Data - have the numbers and a unique understanding of the data to back all this up. All of these firms referred to their growth rates, their Sales Efficiency, and some of the key SaaS metrics, such as CMRR or Churn, to show the execution and results coming from knowing their market and having great people helping execute it.
  6. Wrap it all up with your vision of the future. Discuss the shift and how the old way doesn’t work in the new world. Paint a vision of a day in the life of your way and how this maps to your future adjacent markets as you battle through the bowling alley in your market.

Finally, enjoy delivering the pitch. This is your baby and you know more about your small piece of the universe than anyone else.