Why Ariett and Intacct Make a Winning Team at Intacct Advantage

Today's blog is a guest post from Ariett, a Gold sponsor of Intacct Advantage 2015.

Stroke by stroke, blade by blade, two scullers deftly navigate the winding waters of the Charles River Regatta in Boston each fall, breathlessly racing those last 10 meters to emerge as victors across the finish line. This is our vision for team Ariett and Intacct—in sync, rowing together to achieve customer success.

Ariett will join the Intacct team in November at the Intacct Advantage event as a Gold Sponsor, where we will showcase our Modern Accounts Payable software solution that offers cloud-to-cloud integration with Intacct.

Ariett extends your winning Intacct investment by helping your mobile workforce enter purchase requests, buy smarter, track contracts, enter expense reports and capture AP invoices securely from any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. We offer a modern, paperless solution that provides control and visibility at your fingertips.

Stop by Booth #610 and join our Intacct Partner Showcase on Thursday 11/12 at 1:45 and we’ll show you a cloud platform that will help your team to generate savings.

President of Ariett, Glenn Brodie, spoke with us a little about the upcoming event. “We’re thrilled to be a Gold Sponsor. Intacct and Ariett deliver Cloud software that is scalable, provides instant insight, and is easy to use from anywhere.  Our products complement each other to serve our customers better together.”

Here are some of the highlights and main benefits of our software that you can expect to see at Intacct Advantage:

Paperless Document Automation
Ariett helps you to cross the “finish line” by quickly processing invoices for your Intacct accounting software. Vendors can email invoices to Ariett’s Cloud Document Service, Box4Dox, and, Ariett automatically creates an AP transaction with the invoice attachment—ready to be posted to Intacct or sent for approval.

Procurement with Front-End Spend Control
Before your vendors even send in an invoice, your procurement team can sprint ahead by using Ariett’s cost-controlling requisition solution with online buying.  By connecting to preferred suppliers’ websites for online shopping (from Ariett), employees can make sure that they are purchasing from the appropriate vendor and at the right price.  Once an employee has submitted his/her shopping cart, Ariett generates a requisition to be submitted for approval.  Your managers and CFO have the added benefit of having visibility to all requisitions and their calculated impact on the budget.

Contract Tracking for Vendors and Capital Projects
Ariett Contract is another part of Ariett’s Cloud platform that will help you move towards better spend management. Your CFO, managers and employees can use Ariett to collaborate throughout the contract or capital project approval process; employees can submit a contract and managers and your CFO can include edits or write comments.  Once a vendor contract or internal capital project (e.g. for IT upgrades) is in place, Ariett requisitions and/or invoices can be tracked against the initial contract amount—imagine your accounting team’s delight!

Ready for Any Phone, Tablet or Laptop
One of the biggest wins for your employees is that they can use Ariett Cloud Purchase and Expense in a way that’s convenient for them. They’re no longer fastened to their desks with Ariett’s new, responsive interface—built with CSS3 and HTML5—that adapts to any device or operating system.  Ariett’s modern, touch interface makes it easy to submit orders and give approval from wherever you are.

At Intacct Advantage, we can show you how Ariett and Intacct combined can propel your organization forward, bringing business process improvements and cost-savings. To learn more about how Ariett Cloud Purchase and Expense works with your Intacct solution, please stop by Booth #610 and join our Modern Accounts Payable showcase on Thursday 11/12 at 1:45! You can also register here to join our Intacct Advantage contest to win Monster DNA headphones: www.ariett.com/intacct.