This summer, we’re kicking off a Women in Technology blog series focusing on some fantastic women in leadership roles here at the Sage Intacct office of Sage. These women come from all walks of life, and are mentors, moms, bosses, and even beekeepers. Their stories and wisdom inspired me, and I trust you’ll find the same.

This profile is with Stephanie Kleber, Director of Channel and Sales Enablement for Sage Intacct. Here’s what she had to share…

Brittany Benson: Thank you for chatting with me today, Stephanie! To start, can you tell me about your role at Sage Intacct?

Stephanie Kleber: Of course! I’m so excited for this Women in Tech blog series! My role here is to do whatever it takes to help our team, our partners, and Sage Intacct be successful in the Channel.

For me, this includes an enablement focus on sales like facilitating the Barry Ryan selling through curiosity sales training, and I do that for both the VARS and all new Sage Intacct sales employees.

I’m also responsible for planning and preparing our monthly partner call content, regular partner communications, and then special projects like Sales Kickoff and the annual Business Building Conference that we just finished up amongst other things.

Basically, Brittany, whatever it takes, whatever needs to get done, I jump in and try to help!

Brittany: That’s fantastic! Can you tell me how you got into this role and how you got involved in the tech industry?

Stephanie: I have actually been in the technology industry since I began working as a teenager! One of my friend’s sister founded Micro D, which is now Ingram Micro. We helped her get that company started, doing whatever she needed. Everything from stuffing envelopes, making prospect calls, selling to retailers and partners, shipping orders…you name it, we did it!

Through this experience, I gained a lot of knowledge and that allowed me to quickly move into different sales roles, all while attending college. Eventually I landed at DacEasy managing their channel sales, and finally I went on to manage that division for Sage for eight years, followed by Channel Programs for another six. Now that we’re officially Sage Intacct, here I am back again!

Brittany: That’s an incredible career path to start when you were a teenager. Next, can you tell me about a woman who has inspired you?

Stephanie: I sure can. Early on in my career, I had the opportunity to work with a woman, Linda. She was the former Vice President of Finance and Operations for a venture funded startup company. She provided a tremendous foundation to my career by ingraining many essential management skills, and most importantly, showing me through her own example that leadership is a choice.

She taught me to always be a lifelong learner by being curious, patient, listening, and asking questions where I needed to; to not be afraid to have the courage to speak up. She demonstrated day in and day out how passion inspires others. Linda was a very kind woman to everyone, no matter what level employee and in all facets of working with her.

Brittany: If you could give your younger self a piece of advice, what would that be?

Stephanie:  Spend more time on identifying what you are passionate about and then go after that investing the time and energy into making it happen. Pursuing your passion feeds the soul and makes you a better woman.

Brittany: What advice would you have for women that are interested in pursuing a career in technology?

Stephanie: I would encourage them to do so! I would tell them that it's a fast pace environment with a lot of change, so go for it and hang on for the ride.

I feel like I've grown up in the industry. I've seen everything from eight and a half inch discs working on TRS 80 Radio Shack machines and working on and with DOS. I've used a luggage size Compaq computer and a rectangle box Mac. It's been a fabulous journey of innovation and new connections in the channel industry.

Brittany: What is the best part of your job?

Stephanie: Working on the team that I work with! It’s phenomenal to hear back from partner’s after a Sage Intacct partner workshop, event, or conference about how impactful Sage Intacct and our partner events have been for them in their Sage Intacct practice development.

It is a time investment that they choose to make, so it's always rewarding to hear at the end of an event, “Gosh, I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I'm sure glad I did it.” We have a fantastic group of partners.

Brittany: That sounds very gratifying! Lastly, do you have a vision for the future?

Stephanie: My passion is raising my two girls, helping them find their own passions, and then empowering them with the tools to get there.

I do see myself continuing in this industry and working with partners for as long I can. And then from there, I want to enjoy my friends and family and serve those in need.

If you’d like to connect with Stephanie directly, you can reach out to her on LinkedIn. To learn more about careers with the Sage Intacct team at Sage, please visit here.