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As you charge toward life as a public company, your success will depend more than ever on smart, fast decision making and flawless execution.

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Do you want to electrify the market with your IPO? High-flying public companies recognize the advantages of Sage Intacct best-in-class financials, and have revolutionized their business performance by:

  • Saving 40 percent on IPO-related costs
  • Gaining daily visibility into revenue and treasury activities—instead of waiting 30-45 days
  • Trimming 2 days off the close process and cutting 50+ hours of data entry each month while improving accuracy
  • Tripling revenues, tripling the number of international entities, and growing the number of employees by 1500 percent—yet slashing quarterly consolidation time from 12 days to less than one hour

The financial choice of companies facing a supercharged future.

Fast-growing companies have been choosing Sage Intacct as the financial foundation for their IPOs for nearly a decade. Why? Because to transform into a public company, they must streamline and automate their accounting and reporting while adding robust financial controls that ensure compliance and auditability. And they need to easily scale their financial capabilities as they grow—without adding staff.

They also choose Sage Intacct to meet the rigors of the public market beyond the IPO. Sage Intacct customers dig deeper into their data to understand the true dynamics of their business and gain the insight to make sound strategic decisions as a public company.

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Sage Intacct has helped us complete our IPO and scale to the size we are today.
–Sage Intacct customer whose stock price rose nearly 20% in first weeks of 2014 IPO