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Accounting applications for your growing business

When your business is on the fast path, you need to ensure your accounting infrastructure can keep pace. Ask yourself the difficult question: Do your current accounting applications streamline your financial processes and provide robust internal controls? Or are they constraining your fast-growing business?

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Maybe it’s time to review top accounting applications, including Sage Intacct, the AICPA’s first and only preferred provider of financial applications. Our cloud ERP solution covers everything from the basics (such as general ledger, cash management, order management, and purchasing) to the sophisticated features you need for project accounting, subscription billing, revenue management, inventory, and more. Only Intacct gives you:

  • Comprehensive management reporting—Our modern, multi-ledger, multidimensional general ledger architecture delivers streamlined, accurate reporting. Financial and operating data are in the same place, in real-time, for better forecasting and the ability to see your business across budgets, transactions, and operational measures.
  • Simple configuration—Sage Intacct meets your unique requirements for streamlined processes, strong controls, and custom workflows
  • A focus on finance—Sage Intacct is 100-percent focused on finance and set a fast pace of innovation to support your growth with fast, repeatable, automated and accounting processes. You can also integrate with other best-in-class solutions to assemble world-class business management capabilities.
  • Complete multi-entity support—With Sage Intacct’s flexible architecture, you can easily add multiple entities and locations. As reporting and compliance becomes more complex, Sage Intacct lets you use multiple books to track each reporting currency. You also can use a detailed record of consolidation entries for streamlined close and reporting.

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We now have a single chart of accounts and consolidated financials, which has allowed us to virtually eliminate manual processing of financial data outside the application.
Dan Orlinski
Senior Finance Director
Renal Ventures Management