Accounting Programs

Evaluating accounting programs? It’s time to consider the cloud.

It’s no secret: Legacy accounting software vendors are struggling to figure out the cloud, which is rewriting the rules for how businesses acquire and use accounting and financial software.

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Here’s why: Cloud accounting programs help buyers focus on business problems—not headaches like servers, security, upgrades, and maintenance. The cloud also helps buyers broaden the evaluation beyond just a simple feature checklist to encompass the total, true costs of acquiring, installing, and operating the accounting system. These smarter buying decisions revolve around complete solutions for solving business problems

Pity the product manager for a legacy on-premises accounting software product, whose mission (for years) has been to sell an outdated, feature-bloated product to an overworked IT department. Instead of engaging in the same-ol’ “feature wars” with competitors that offer basically the same architecture and business model, now, he’s now forced to differentiate his solution based on the breadth and depth of an entirely new class of features.

New-breed cloud accounting programs start to attract the hearts and minds of buyers, thanks to decision criteria that he can’t match, like SaaS's lower implementation and operating costs, speedy implementation, far lower acquisition and capital costs, and world-class security, maintenance, and upgrades.

For the accounting programs market, this was a real tipping point. Only a few years ago, robust Internet-based accounting programs were a pipedream. Today, the future is in the cloud. It’s an amazing and rapid transformation—one that has left many vendors flatfooted.

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