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Maybe it’s time to make the switch from on-premises software—and say goodbye to wasted IT resources, maintenance headaches, and upgrade hassles.

The road to world-class financial operations can sometimes lead to frustrating dead ends. And as your business succeeds and expands, those problems can grow exponentially more difficult. 

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Maybe you’re struggling to get valuable information from your current system; managing hundreds of disconnected spreadsheets; slogging through manual consolidations or patching questionable security risks. While outdated on-premises software may have worked for a while, you soon run into a myriad of limitations and gaps: real-time access to financial information, the frequency of new features, support for tablets and smartphones, and better connectivity to your other systems and data. When it’s time to buy accounting software, look for a vendor that isn’t only focused on an annual maintenance contract. Instead, look for the one that embraces innovation.

If your business continues to change and grow—perhaps by adding new products/services or entering new markets—you can suddenly find that your financial software no longer keeps up. As the hidden costs of “business as usual” mount, you realize: There has to be a better way.

The good news? The answer is a lot easier than you thought. When it’s time to buy accounting software, you’ll find sophisticated new applications that automate all aspects of finance—coupled with modern cloud computing—are rewriting the rules. Buying new accounting software no longer has to be a painful, risky, or expensive proposition.

With cloud accounting software, like Sage Intacct, the costs, risks, and hassles shift to the vendor. At Sage Intacct, it’s our unwavering mission to get you up and running quickly and cost effectively and continue to earn your business—and trust—every month. That’s why tens of thousands of companies have already made the shift to cloud financial applications. And that’s why Sage Intacct is the preferred provider of the AICPA.

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At any given time, I can leverage the dimensions associated with each transaction in Sage Intacct to give executives their department’s budget to actuals detail.
Gina Keller
Director of Accounting