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For CFOs, it’s no longer about just debits and credits, and yet another spreadsheet—it’s understanding exciting innovations like cloud ERP solutions. Today, you need to be part analyst, part strategist, part futurist, part collaborator—and all business. You want to be the leader who can modernize and transform business systems and operations to improve productivity. And, you want to be the leader who can adapt to the new rules and the new tools to keep the company ahead of the competition.

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Are you ready? You’ll need a complete rethink of your financial and technology infrastructure, because shifting business strategies are rewriting the ways companies execute their financial processes and operations. In this new world, cloud ERP solutions can be the key to:

  • Analyzing exponentially greater volumes of data
  • Embracing the power of social media, mobile users, and cloud computing
  • Tapping into unlimited and ubiquitous connectivity
  • Capitalizing on sophisticated databases and analytics
  • Adopting new metrics for operations and valuations

But even if you don’t have in-depth tech fluency (and few CFOs do) for cloud ERP solutions, it’s still essential to have some basic knowledge about how technology can positively impact your company—how it can provide competitive differentiation, improve finance’s productivity, open up strategic opportunities, and ensure a healthier bottom line.

If your business is aiming for the next level, it’s time to develop a game plan that modernizes finance and achieves the right level of readiness to meet the modern business mandate. As you prepare to learn more and address this challenge head-on, it quickly becomes apparent that smart solutions to support thoughtful ideas, collaboration, and innovation are the new currency.

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Having a true, modern cloud solution that offers seamless upgrades, as opposed to a hosted on-premises system, made Sage Intacct by far the best choice.
Mike Munson
STS International