Financial Analysis and Reporting

When it comes to financial analysis and reporting, does your team have the right tools?

If your finance organization is mired in tactical activities—spending far too much time just logging the numbers—maybe it’s time to transition those pros into a strategic business resource. It starts by unlocking the power of your business data to accelerate “time to insight” and improve the performance of all of your business units and entities. Previously, that meant exporting financial data into a separate data warehouse and/or using expensive business intelligence tools.

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Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional general ledger changes all of that. Sage Intacct’s flexible foundation enables you to capture the most granular details of your business transactions and unleash the power of your data for rich financial analysis and reporting. Use whatever names you like for up to eight of those dimensions or repurpose them to whatever is most important for your business—all without cluttering your chart of accounts.

Sage Intacct’s multi-scenario capabilities also give you deep, actionable insights into your business performance, so you move beyond financial analysis and reporting to true business management. For example, you can monitor GAAP profitability by month, region, or customer; or compare actual vs. budget gross margin by quarter, product, location, or project.

Sage Intacct also streamlines operational reporting. You can create reports that support any range of non-financial data such as rooms per hotel, tables per restaurant, or other critical metrics—the numbers you really need to manage your business, not just the standard numbers any financial system can routinely spit out.

Sage Intacct provides the power to see your business in ways never before possible. To learn more, contact Sage Intacct today.

Once we outgrew QuickBooks, we knew we had an opportunity to transform our finance department with a professional-strength cloud financial management system that could support our complex global revenue recognition needs.
Shannon Darwin