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Tired of forcing your financial processes to conform to your financial applications? Maybe it’s time your financial applications adapted to your unique business needs. 

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As your business grows, the last thing you want to do is get boxed-in by inflexible financial applications that force you to use rigid, limited functions and cumbersome, manual processes. Smart finance teams know that it’s essential for software to adjust. Stop creating external spreadsheets, converting files, and rekeying data—just because your financial system can’t change with you. Instead, turn to Sage Intacct for exceptional flexibility that easily adapts to your changing business needs.

  • Flexible workflows and business processes—Too many businesses either lack formalized processes or those processes aren’t based on best practices. Sage Intacct delivers immediate process improvements with pre-packaged templates and pre-built application/data connectors, best-practice charts of accounts, dashboards, and a library of pre-built financial reports. Sage Intacct is the solution that lets you easily tailor, extend, and integrate Sage Intacct to match precise needs and processes.
  • Easy Customization—Think cloud-based financial applications aren’t flexible? Take another look. Sage Intacct puts you in complete control, so you decide how to tailor workflows, data fields, transaction definitions, invoices, report formats, and much more. You tailor reports and role-based dashboards to meet the needs of each user.
  • Extensive integration—Sage Intacct takes advantage of open web services to connect Sage Intacct to all your current and future business systems—both on-premises and on-demand. The Sage Intacct Marketplace offers a growing pool of integrated applications you can use to easily and cost-effectively assemble a broader, more valuable portfolio of best-in-class applications. You can even build entirely new applications using our web-based development tools. Whether you're a fast growing medium-sized organization with multiple domestic locations and international clients, or a global public company, Sage Intacct financial applications can serve your needs now and long into the future. Through the power of Sage Intacct and real-time cloud computing, you can do it all—around the world, around the clock.

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We were blown away by Sage Intacct’s global consolidations capabilities and the flexible reporting and analytics, along with its overall scalability and the flexibility to plug into any other business system we needed.
Mike Munson
STS International