Financial Dashboards

Implement financial dashboards to monitor the financial pulse of the organization

For business executives, financial dashboards are like the cockpit control panels that pilots use to fly an airplane. These dials, meters, graphs, and performance indicators all provide an easily digested snapshot of the status of the business.

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What should your dashboards look like? Start with a blend of eight to 10 key performance indicators (KPIs) that cover both financial and non-financial metrics such as volume, pricing, shipments, market share, utilization, and more. That means integrating data from outside the financial system to provide a more holistic perspective on performance.

Modern financial dashboards are interactive and allow the user to engage with the data far more easily than by thumbing through a static printed report. True insight comes from the ability to drill into various on-screen metrics and interact with the underlying data. This data can be sorted, sliced, and further explored, all the way to the transactional level. That gives you a deeper, richer understanding of the underlying causes and effects of business performance.

Financial dashboards should drive management action and decision-making. When indicators fall outside acceptable tolerances, dashboard indicators should make these deviations obvious to the user.

Intacct’s financial dashboards convey the big picture at a glance and can be tailored to each stakeholder. Choose metrics that matter most to each person—then let Intacct populate the dashboards with live data. Contact us to learn more about Intacct Financial Dashboards.

Intacct’s ability to streamline our financial process and deliver real-time financial data and business metrics in an intuitive dashboard is a huge benefit to our management team and our program managers around the world.
Celine Okoh
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