Revenue Recognition

Make your SaaS revenue recognition process as easy as 1-2-3

A staggering 92% of public companies still use some form of spreadsheets for critical revenue management and revenue recognition tasks.

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The rate for private companies is even more astonishing. Revenue management can quickly get complex when you consider multiple entities, subscriptions, licenses, services, etc., exposing a large number of issues from compliance, to audits, to proper forecasting. SaaS businesses must get revenue recognition right every time.

You can get out of this quandary with Sage Intacct Revenue Management software. Say goodbye to those unaudited spreadsheets and manual reconciliations; Sage Intacct translates your sophisticated revenue recognition requirements to simplified, streamlined workflows to get you the results your business requires.

With Sage Intacct's revenue recognition process, you will:

  • Strengthen compliance and achieve consistency throughout your organization
  • Control deferred-revenue transactions and see the impact on reporting and forecasting
  • Accelerate month-end close
  • Reduce audit costs

Whether you sell physical inventory, perpetual software licenses, subscriptions, or services, Sage Intacct Revenue Management allows you to:

  • Flexibly define specific recognition templates and rules
  • Automatically generate amortization rules and apply these across individual contracts or order line items
  • Automatically recalculate deferred and recognized revenues when change is required

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We reviewed the top cloud-based financial management software and chose Sage Intacct over its competitors because it was better architected to support our complex revenue management requirements. We were also very impressed with the dimensions capabilities and more.
Victoria Bourne
SVP of Finance and Administration