Web-Based Accounting Software

Choosing between web-based accounting software and a suite?

When it comes to web-based accounting software, many CFOs and controllers in small- and medium-sized organizations struggle with a critical question: Should you choose a “best-of-breed” solution or a monolithic software suite to improve the technology foundation of your financial processes?

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Understanding the tradeoffs associated with these two options has never been more critical in today’s increasingly challenging business environment. That’s because you want to take advantage of user-friendly applications that also offer unprecedented functionality. A new generation of innovative web-based accounting software with more robust APIs is making it easier to tie together multiple best-of-breed solutions to match the broad functionality promised by suites but that never quite makes it into reality.

The appeal of these best-of-breed solutions is that they are more user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective than their legacy, on-premises predecessors. Powerful web-based accounting software allows organizations to be more agile and responsive to their evolving business requirements. Some vendors offer their solutions to these business challenges in the form of software suites which promise to make it easier to adopt a broad set of functional capabilities in a single package. However, these suites often fail to deliver on this promise because each part of the organization may not get the best tool for its specific needs, and rolling out a full suite often entails greater deployment challenges. These issues defeat the fundamental reasons for adopting web-based applications—quicker deployment, increased productivity, and accelerated time to value.

Nimble, growing organizations are recognizing the inherent advantages of selecting web-based solutions specifically designed to address a particular business requirement—advantages that speed deployment and adoption, and allow the organization to be more agile, productive, and responsive to changing market and organizational dynamics. This has become especially important for organizations that need robust, yet flexible accounting software capabilities to address their escalating business and operational needs.

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In comparing Sage Intacct, NetSuite, and FinancialForce, we preferred the depth of accounting functionality provided by Sage Intacct’s exclusive focus on financials. Because integration with other systems is straightforward with Sage Intacct, there is no need to settle for the shallower functionality you get with suite products.
David Novak
Cornerstone Information Systems