Cloud Inventory Software

A better approach: Cloud-based inventory management software

Whether you work in wholesale distribution, retail, or maintain inventory to serve clients, knowing the value of that inventory is essential to understanding your organization’s financial health. Sage Intacct helps you by calculating value based on your business requirements and capturing added costs such as shipping or value adds, so you can get to a true cost of goods.

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Inventory levels

Knowing how much inventory is worth is only the first step to effective inventory control. Maintaining healthy inventory levels requires a balance between serving customers and avoiding tying up excessive capital. Sage Intacct lets you manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses while using replenishment processes to automate reorder policies by inventory levels and even the time of year.

Moving inventory

Use standard templates for adjustments, transfers, damaged goods, scrap, and more. Or create your own templates to fit your organization. Sage Intacct lets you create a seamless inventory workflow, from vendor quotes to customer invoices.

Report on inventory

Sage Intacct's real-time inventory management software features comprehensive built-in reports, so you can see across locations, products, inventory status, and replenishment projections. That means you can make smarter decisions to optimize inventory levels and set efficient reorder points and quantities. And with Warehouse included as a dimension, you can filter reports by warehouse for granular analysis.

Key benefits

  • Capture accurate inventory values for in-depth cost of goods accounting
  • Improve customer satisfaction and use capital more efficiently by automating processes to reduce stock-outs, compress delivery timeframes, and reduce overstock
  • Reduce manual stock counts with inventory tracking across multiple warehouses and locations
Using Sage Intacct's transaction definitions and approval rules around capital, expense, and inventory procurement, we’ve dramatically streamlined our purchase-to-pay process.
Kenny Mitchell