Certus Energy Solutions, an oil and gas tubular goods company, implemented Sage Intacct to establish financial best practices and meet complex reporting requirements in the midst of tripling transaction volumes. Certus can now easily analyze its key performance indicators for a more granular view into profitability. Additionally, financial processes across the organization are streamlined with best-in-class integrations between Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights, Uplevl, and more.

Rather than waiting weeks for month-end reports, the combination of Sage Intacct and Adaptive Insights gives each manager instant transparency into current profitability for their specific area, empowering them to make decisions such as adjusting personnel or cutting expenses before it’s too late.
Eric Williamson
Certus Energy Solutions

Previous business challenges

  • Complex reporting requests
  • 75 tab, error-prone Excel spreadsheet
  • Meet investor expectations
  • Visibility into income statements in real-time

Results with Intacct

  • Gained granular insight into department and location performance 
  • Cut financial close by 1/3 
  • Saved 70+ hours/month on A/P and reporting 
  • Avoided $400,000 in annual headcount costs 
  • Software paid for itself in <2 months
  • Services