Mountainside Fitness Centers gets its financials in shape with Sage Intacct’s best-in-class financial management

Mountainside Fitness Centers is the largest locally owned health club chain in Arizona, having expanded to eleven fitness centers, 45,000 active members, 900 employees, and more than $30 million in revenues over the past two decades. It is currently poised for a major growth spurt and expects to double in size during the next two years. Mountainside recognized it needed a flexible and scalable financial management system that would help ensure data accuracy in the midst of its expansion.

Now that we have Sage Intacct, I’m confident we’ll be able to double the number of entities we support with just one or two additional team members…saving us of approximately $140,000 in corporate payroll costs
Tracy Taylor
Mountainside Fitness

Previous business challenges

  • Fast-growing services business needed a flexible and full-featured financial management system to support ongoing expansion
  • Wanted to streamline accounting for 22 entities, automate manual processes, eliminate duplicate data entry and improve financial controls
  • Needed to integrate financial management with existing business applications
  • Looking for richer, multi-dimensional reporting to gain greater financial insight

Results with Sage Intacct

  • Maintained company’s rapid growth while minimizing finance headcount, saving $140,000 in anticipated salary costs
  • Automated financial processes shortened monthly closes by 20 days and financial controls improved data accuracy
  • Easy data sharing with other systems and streamlined AP workflows saved several days of manual work monthly
  • Ability to report on cash flow and improve decision-making, in one instance saving $250,000 in EBITDA value
  • Recreation