N. Cheng was attracted by the ability to gain 24-hour data access, better reporting capabilities, and support for multiple clients in a single system—all provided by Sage Intacct

With staff and customers spread across more than a dozen states, N. Cheng needed a way to establish and maintain real-time connections with its customers so financial information could be accessed at any time, by staff in any location. From early on, N. Cheng identified that a web-based solution was the future of the CPA industry and was an early adopter of Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct has revolutionized our business, transforming us from a group of CPAs that provide traditional after-the-fact accounting services to a leading firm of forward thinking, proactive advisors.
Steve Jorgensen
Principal, Financial Management Service
Cheng & Company

Previous business challenges

  • Looking for a way to gain anytime, anywhere access to client data and better reporting
  • Needed a sophisticated financial management system that would help automate and improve critical financial processes
  • Looking for a Software as a Service solution that provided maximum flexibility while requiring minimum support

Results with Sage Intacct

  • Gained real-time access to client data from anywhere, improving efficiency and increasing collaboration
  • Greatly improved reporting ensures the company can offer strategic advice to clients looking to maximize their success
  • Flexible, on-demand financial management solution doesn’t require deploying and maintaining software
  • Accounting firms