• Cloud Education Series

Learn Why Your Peers Are Moving to the Cloud

Our cloud education series was designed to answer common questions about moving to the cloud and explore key areas where organizations like yours have benefitted the most.

About Cloud Education Series

Whether you’re planning on moving to a cloud financial management solution now, or in the future, this series was designed to serve as a helpful guide to highlight key considerations. Each week we will explore a different topic, covering the basics, all the way to cutting-edge AI capabilities. Learn why the cloud is way more than anywhere, anytime access.


ROI from Cloud Financial Management: What to Consider for Your Company

When asked about moving to the cloud, most people immediately go to the benefits of anytime, anywhere access. Moving financials to the cloud is more than better access—a lot more. Join us as we talk about how cloud delivers greater value with a lower total cost of ownership.

Beyond Excel: Building Blocks for Real-Time, Multi-Dimensional Reports and Dashboards

The key to making informed, strategic decisions lies is powerful reporting that keeps you out of Excel. Learn how you can spend less time building tedious, error-prone reports, so you can spend more time making a meaningful impact on your organization.

Streamline Your Multi-Entity Consolidations and Management: Cut your close by up to 65%

Whether you have multiple entities or a single entity with plans to add more, you likely know the headaches involve with multi-entity management – and may experience them first-hand each month when you consolidate. Join us to learn how a cloud, multi-entity solution can eliminate the toil and errors that come with multiple logins, chart of accounts drift, and manual consolidations.

Insights On Demand: Serve Up Metrics that Matter

Increase financial visibility and get insights on demand by providing meaningful metrics on role-based dashboards. See how easy it is to build and use dashboards for everything from making key decisions to managing day-to-day processes.

Everyday Time Savers: Make Paperless Finance a Reality with Workflow Automation

The term paperless finance gets thrown around a lot, but it’s often over promised and under delivered. Learn how cloud financial management can give you the process and workflow automation that you need to make paperless finance a reality.

Beyond the Hype: Learn How AI is Already Transforming Financial Management

AI, machine learning, robotic process automation, you may have heard these terms thrown around a lot. But what do they mean for finance? Join our panelists as they discuss the present and the future of AI and financial management.