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Complimentary Online Series for Sage Intacct Customers

Wednesday Wisdom is a great opportunity for you, our customer, to learn how you can get the most out of your Sage Intacct investment.

About Wednesday Wisdom Sage Intacct Planning Sessions

In times of rapidly changing business conditions, organizations must adapt with agility to ensure business continuity and success. Join us weekly to learn how Sage Intacct Planning can enable an action-oriented approach to the budgeting and planning process allowing your business to respond to today’s uncertain environment.

Bi-Weekly Sessions

February 23rd - April 6th


Business Agility, Finance, and Sage Intacct Planning

In times of rapid change, organizations must be agile in order to adapt and succeed. In part 1 of a 2-part series, learn how you can help your business become more agile and make better decisions though financial planning. Also hear how Amanda Goebel enabled company-wide agility at Halstatt with Sage Intacct Planning.

How to Make Your Business More Agile with Sage Intacct Planning

Now more than ever, having a clear picture of your business's financial situation can help you adapt to today’s rapidly changing environment. In part 2 of the business agility and finance series, see a demonstration of how Sage Intacct Planning can help your business succeed in times of uncertainty.

How to Build Action-Oriented Plans with Speed, Efficiency, and Accuracy

A cloud-based solution that enables action-oriented planning is essential to building plans that focus on business objectives, not abstract numbers. In this session, take a deep dive into how Sage Intacct Planning can help you deliver action-oriented plans with agility.

Effortless Business Modeling with Sage Intacct Planning

The ability to quickly assess the impact of future events is essential in times of rapidly changing business conditions. In this session, see a demonstration of modeling in Sage Intacct Planning and learn why it takes less time and is more accurate than modeling in spreadsheets or legacy systems.