Fall 2015 Release Highlights

Driving action from insights with Sage Intacct Collaborate and new Sage Intacct Dashboard Snapshots

Our quarterly release brings exciting new capabilities to Sage Intacct reporting and dashboards powered by Sage Intacct Collaborate. This new functionality enables Sage Intacct users to save snapshots of real-time financial and operational results from any Sage Intacct dashboard. Then, users can annotate them to highlight issues and share them with an individual or group through Sage Intacct Collaborate, the secure social layer embedded within Sage Intacct. (For details on other release features, please consult the Release Notes.)

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Take snapshots and annotate any dashboard element

Quite often, finance pros must review financial information and flag issues for further analysis. However communicating the precise issues to investigate can be time-consuming and difficult, especially since data on real-time dashboards is constantly changing.

Now, Sage Intacct users can take and share snapshots of real-time data, letting them flag specific issues at specific points in time—even as real-time data continues to change. A graphical editor also helps finance professionals highlight specific numbers and trends by annotating charts, reports, and Sage Intacct Performance Cards.

Intacct Summer Release 2015

Post to social feeds and collaborate around content

Too often, finance staff must resolve issues using disconnected manual steps, such as email communication that lacks the necessary context. To resolve issues, individuals are forced to waste time logging into the system of record, finding information, and investigating causes.

With this release, Sage Intacct brings the power of Sage Intacct Collaborate to the acclaimed Sage Intacct dashboards. Users can post snapshots and comments in the social feed located on their dashboard, enabling them to flag, discuss and resolve issues faster as the relevant contextual information appears on the same screen.

Intacct Summer Release 2015

Key benefits:

  • Graphical annotations focus and accelerate the communication of issues
  • In-context conversations on Sage Intacct dashboards enable users to investigate issues faster
  • Sharing information on Sage Intacct Collaborate provides better answers and faster problem resolution