Best-in-Class Cloud Accounting for Biotech and Life Sciences

Our cloud accounting is ideal for the needs of Biotech, Pharmaceutical, and Life Sciences companies at every stage of growth: from two scientists and a molecule to large, public companies.

Get rid of spreadsheets, automate your processes, handle complex consolidations, and get real-time analytics, so you are always on top of your research.

Sage Intacct is the only accounting solution endorsed by the AICPA.

Biotech and life sciences industry accounting and financial management solutions

Get rid of spreadsheets, automate your processes, handle complex consolidations, and get real-time analytics.


Make smart financial reporting your primary endpoint

Sage Intacct accounting software combines smooth operational workflows and greater financial visibility.

Visual dashboards and flexible, dimensional reporting help you better understand program spending, manage your inventory, and track grants and funding – all while simplifying your chart of accounts.

With Sage Intacct dashboards and financial reporting, you can compare performance across any business driver that matters to you.

Biotech Life Sciences Accounting Financial Solutions With Smart Financial Reporting

See how Sage Intacct can help your team:

  • Monitor key financial metrics for your programs
  • Track and analyze costs in real-time
  • Simplify and automate the reporting process

Simplify processes and automate manual tasks

Automated, paperless workflows accelerate your routine accounting and reporting tasks, leaving you more time to analyze your data and make better financial decisions.

Sage Intacct increases your efficiency by:

  • Tailoring transactions and approval workflows to eliminate redundant data entry
  • Automatically routing and tracking digital approval signoffs on transactions
  • Automating fund, grant, revenue, and billing processes
  • Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes, not days – and boost productivity by more than 50%
  • Ensuring you meet the strict requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), ASC 606 and IFRS 15 with automated audit trails and revenue-recognition
Biotech life sciences accounting financial solutions with Automated, paperless workflows

Learn how Amplyx Pharmaceuticals left QuickBooks and spreadsheets behind, saving time and getting unprecedented visibility into their business.

Integrate seamlessly across your technology stack

Connect your CRM, billing, payroll, or any other system using our open API. With Sage Intacct as your core financial system, you can build your technology stack with the confidence that all your teams can keep in sync and are able to make data-driven decisions.

Our Open AI allows you to connect with hundreds of best-in-class business applications. You select the right software that's best for your business and seamlessly integrate it with Sage Intacct.

Biotech Life Sciences Accounting Financial Solutions To Build Technology Stack With integration

An extensive Marketplace partners offering pre-built integrations.

Give your project managers better visibility and controls

Program financial management is critical to your success. But daily data pulls from various systems to cover project costs or resource reports take a long time and are hard to combine. As a result, it is difficult to track program costs and to demonstrate value to investors.

Sage Intacct provides your program managers with detailed controls and unmatched visibility into time tracking, resource assignments, and program costs.

Biotech Life Sciences Accounting Financial Solutions With Visibility And Controls

See how Sage Intacct can help your program managers make timely decisions, streamline processes, and increase profitability.

Sage Intacct accounting software products— #1 in customer satisfaction

We’ve earned the highest customer satisfaction in the industry from G2 since we focus on delivering an integrated accounting solution that puts your success first.

FALL 2022
G2 Grid Report

See why Sage Intacct is the #1 accounting software solution in customer satisfaction.

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When our team went in search of a new accounting solution, we were looking for cloud-based options that would be more scalable, flexible, and intuitive for our teams around the world. Sage Intacct was a no-brainer for us because, unlike NetSuite and the other vendors we looked at, it met all of our requirements for integrated time and expense management and multi-entity consolidations, and was robust and adaptable enough to grow with our business over time.
Brian Lawrence
Senior Director, Finance and Taxation, Clinical Trial and Consulting Services (CTI)

Frequently asked questions

What does Sage Intacct offer for BioTech and Life Science companies?

Sage Intacct is a comprehensive financial management system with tailor made features for project-based businesses. Over 1.5 million projects have run on Sage Intacct. We work with companies that have financial management needs that range from simple cost tracking to detailed project task cost allocation and complex billing or spend management requirements. Our cloud-based system is centered on a high-powered general ledger that provides dimension level tracking for all of your transactions. What that means is you can get detailed insights into how your business is operating from any number of aspects.

Whether you are a small lab developing new therapies, a large contract research organization, or selling life science products and services, Sage Intacct has the right feature set to help you succeed.

Is Sage Intacct good for small private companies or larger public companies?

We work with both. Many or our BioTech and Life Science customers have been with Sage Intacct as they grew from small private companies, through their IPO, and into large multi-national organizations. The solution is designed to scale with you and expand functionality as your needs grow and evolve. If you have investors that require detailed financial reporting, Sage Intacct can provide the insights that satisfy stakeholders, and allow your team to make financially sound decisions about the business.

Why are Sage Intacct Artificial Intelligent timesheets changing the game for businesses that require time tracking?

The professional service industry is constantly faced with challenges of revenue leakage, low utilization, and strained project profit. Accurate and complete time entry is a major contributing factor to these struggles. Sage Intelligent Time is the only AI powered time entry system built into a full featured ERP system. Sage Intelligent Time provides each member of your team with an AI powered time assistant that provides suggested time entry cards based on that employee’s calendar, email, and other activity. Using machine learning, the Time Assistant gets smarter and continuously improves the speed and accuracy of your teams’ timesheet.

Sage Intelligent Time is providing a solution to an age-old problem for service-based businesses. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing a tangible tool for your team to provide continuous and trusted insights regarding their time. With this insight, your project managers can make better decisions, your project pricing is more accurate, and your invoicing and close process are faster than ever.

How does Sage Intacct compare to other financial software vendors?

Sage Intacct is the only financial management solution endorsed by the AICPA, an organization that is trusted by accounting leaders worldwide. Our true cloud solution can be tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and large complex organizations. Beyond our financial management excellence, Sage Intacct embraces the larger ecosystem of niche software providers for deeper functionality regarding inventory, lab information management, and any other unique system customers may require. In today’s environment of high-quality vendors, Sage Intacct is the core financial system at the heart of an organization's technology stack.

What type of financial reporting for professional service organization does Sage Intacct provide?

When it comes to financial reporting, automation, accuracy, and customization are key requirements for an effective solution. Sage Intacct financial reporting excels at all three. By leveraging the dimensions of the general ledger, reports can be grouped and sorted in a near unlimited way. Financial reporting done right can provide the insight your financial team needs to go from burdened with administrative tasks, to focusing on strategic planning. Whether you’re creating multiple profits and loss reports or automating project reports for your project managers, Sage Intacct can handle what you need.