Nonprofit Revenue Recognition Simplified

Save time, minimize errors, and simplify audits with automation, consistency, and centralization with the only revenue recognition solution to streamline ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606 compliance for nonprofits.

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Revenue Recognition

Save time with automated revenue recognition

  • Manage conditional contributions and grants based on milestones
  • Manage installment-based transactions across year-end with automated revenue recognition schedules
  • Manage event-based recognition
Save Time with Automated Nonprofit Revenue Recognition

With Sage Intacct, you save time and avoid manual calculations in external spread sheets that must be merged into your financial solution.

Reduce errors with consistent treatment

Sage Intacct Nonprofit Revenue Recognition works with Sage Intacct Grants Tracking and Billing to track and automate reimbursement requests and bills for funding sources.

  • Enable consistent treatment and classification of revenue by source
  • Systematically track barriers and conditions as well as progress on delivery
  • Select the best revenue recognition method for each revenue stream

Sage Intacct streamlines compliance and reduces errors.

Nonprofit Revenue Recognition to Track and Automate Reimbursement

Centralize insights on revenue and condition status

Sage Intacct centralizes revenue calculations in one system.

  • Eliminate the need to search spreadsheets to understand deferred revenue timing
  • Get on-demand insights into conditions and their delivery statuses
  • Streamline audits with documented revenue schedules just a click away

Sage Intacct lets you easily demonstrate compliance and focus on your mission.

Nonprofit Revenue Recognition with Centralized insights on Revenue and Condition Status

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Comprehensive fund accounting delivering real-time visibility

Product add-on modules for nonprofits

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Multi-Entity and Global ConsolidationsMulti-Entity and Global ConsolidationsPowerful, lighting-fast continuous consolidations
Nonprofit Digital Board BookNonprofit Digital Board BookSustain financial health with industry best practice dashboards
Nonprofit Revenue RecognitionNonprofit Revenue RecognitionStreamline ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606 rev rec compliance
Spend ManagementSpend ManagementStreamline purchasing and payables

Resources for nonprofit organizations

The system is easily configured to match the information needed based on the revenue sources and related revenue treatment required by each organization. Since the information is centralized in Sage Intacct, our clients don’t need to track these details in ancillary systems or spreadsheets, reducing the effort for everyone.
Stephanie J Cavadeas
CPA, Wipfli LLP, a Sage Intacct partner

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