Finance’s Secret Weapon for Subscription and SaaS Start-ups

Everything you need for billing, rev rec, and SaaS metrics, PLUS the expenses and cash-flow management to navigate uncertainty and fundraising. Up and running as fast as 60 days with:

  • 300+ subscription, usage, and hybrid billing and revenue models
  • 200+ investor-grade SaaS reports and forecasts created up to 80% faster
  • Costing up to 40% less than buying the technology components separately
Accounting and Financial Management Solutions for Early Stage SaaS and Subscription Companies

Hear how Springbuk scaled their subscription billing model by 4x, improving gross margin by 8%, and reducing churn by 7%, creating millions in enterprise value.

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Build a FinOps tech stack to scale your SaaS start-up

The starter package is pre-built using best-in-class practices, services and training to get you up and running in 60 days and costs 40% less than the available alternatives. See how SaaS CFOs are fueling growth after moving off QuickBooks.  You don’t need a long drawn-out process to deploy a Suite, nor settle for Billing-only solutions, that don’t manage expenses nor pass an audit.

Early Stage SaaS & Subscription Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with SaaS Metrics and Dashboards

If your software company has hit the wall with the inefficiencies of QuickBooks, learn why Sage Intacct is the top choice for companies outgrowing QuickBooks.

Start simple, scale big

  • Automate 300+ usage and subscription pricing and billing scenarios to create friction-free invoicing
  • One platform means no reconciliations, so able to close the books up to 80% faster
  • 200+ real-time SaaS Metrics and Subscription Analytics–including MRR, ARR, NDR, Cash flow, Bookings and Renewal Forecast, Budget vs Actual, Churn, and CAC
  • Revenue recognition with automated ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance, and deferred revenue waterfalls, calculated in 1 second, to scale to IPO and beyond
Early Stage SaaS & Subscription Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with ASC 606 Revenue Recognition

Learn the 3 tips how high-growth SaaS companies scale financial reporting.

The core essentials for billing and accounting for early-stage CFOs

At the early-stage of building your subscription business, it is critical prove your revenue model by leveraging purpose-built solutions for subscription start-ups with:

  • Subscription Billing that handles renewals, upgrades, cancelations, maintenance, training, etc., all in one Contract
  • Automated Quote to Cash by integrating your CRM with your financial solution to create a bi-directional real time sync between sales and finance
  • ASC 606 compliance and end-to-end revenue recognition to calculate deferred revenue for funding and audits
  • Investor dashboards for your execs, investors, and Board across both financial and SaaS operational data calculated up to 80% faster
Establish Initial Unit Economics SaaS Metrics

See how extends funding runway by 8 months, increased income by $2.5 million, and accelerated closings by 75% after moving off QuickBooks.

Use real-time SaaS metrics to prove your revenue model to investors

Leverage customizable dashboards with drill down capabilities and powerful visualizations to create 200+ investor-grade reports created up to 80% faster. With the Sage Intacct starter package, you can make quicker, smarter strategic decisions using real-time SaaS metrics including:

Real-time SaaS Metrics and Subscription Analytics That Grow Your Business

Learn more about the essential 6 Cs of SaaS Finance by one of the top SaaS/Cloud investors in the world, Jeff Epstein of Bessemer Venture Partners.

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing Solution

The only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration; along with ASC 606, FP&A, and HR.

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See why your finance peers rank Sage Intacct the leader in B2B Subscription Management.

Sage Membership

Anyone with a subscription to Sage software has automatic access to all the benefits of Sage Membership.

Helping you and your business grow with Sage Membership

Subscription and SaaS

The #1 subscription billing and financial software for SaaS companies.

Product add-on modules for subscription and SaaS

Contract and Subscription Billing Contract and Subscription Billing Save time and drive revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Intelligent, automated, and compliant revenue recognition
SaaS Metrics SaaS Metrics Dashboard for CMRR, CAC, Churn, CLTV & more
I have 5 things I love about Sage Intacct:
1st love: The Help Button
2nd love: The Dimensions
3rd love: Real-time drill-down from reporting
4th love: Easy use, intuitive, smart search, Collaboration Center, customer care
5th love: I can attach data/files on every transaction to simplify the audit
Sunny Wu
Vice President of Finance, LogiSense

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy one platform, instead of independent pieces, for my SaaS finance tech stack?

From 100s of interviews, we have heard that Controllers’ and CFOs’ most frustrating part of their job is managing integrations across systems, and the subsequent time they waste on doing reconciliations, on things such as billings, orders, upsells, and expenses. When the billing schedule and item master is in the same system, the initial, and subsequent order, comes into the GL, with all the dimensions for reporting, and revenue is immediately calculated and reported. Based on this market feedback, we created a single system that is the only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration. You can see it in action here: What is the New Finance Technology Stack for SaaS Companies?

How do I compare Sage Intacct to Oracle NetSuite?

Sage Intacct has been voted #1 in subscription billing, revenue recognition, and accounting by 5,000+ users on This video goes into more detail: Sage Intacct vs. Oracle NetSuite: Who is #1?.  You can see the marked difference between the two products in this brief product tour: Day in the Life of SaaS FinOps: 5 Reasons Why You Should Break Your Habit From a Suite

What usage billing scenarios can Sage Intacct help me with?

Sage Intacct can help you with 300+ billing scenarios, including the following. You can learn best practices on deploying a usage billing model for yourself here: A Day in the Life of SaaS FinOps – Usage-based Billing

  • Variable Usages (daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annually cadence)
  • Recurring Usages (monthly/quarterly/annually cadence)
  • Rollover usages (per invoice / per renewal) 
  • Reset of usages (per invoice / per renewal) 
  • Minimum Commitment Contracts (monthly/quarterly/annually cadence)
  • Commitments plus overages (monthly/quarterly/annually cadence)
  • Pre-paid Usages 
  • Auto-invoice unused usages upon contract expiration 
  • Auto-terminate unused usages upon contract expiration 
  • Amendment capabilities – Addon/Debooks/Discounts
When I should upgrade off Quickbooks to more robust financial system?

There are typically five reasons where basic accounting tends to strain under scale. As you grow in volume and complexity, these are the areas to prepare to automate. Proactive CFOs upgrade before the scale happens, some others wait until the processes start breaking down. We built Sage Ahead for Series A companies, that might otherwise only upgrade billing, to build the complete system for scale that includes expenses and cash-flow in the AICPA-recommended general ledger. What is the New Finance Technology Stack for SaaS Companies?

  • Billing
  • Revenue recognition
  • Consolidations
  • Financial reporting
  • Forecasting
What are the key SaaS metrics for managing my business?

Jeff Epstein, Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, describes the 6 Cs of SaaS Finance

  • CARR - includes contracted but not yet live ARR, nets out churned and projected churned ARR, and is normalized to a 1Y period, hence “annual”.
  • CAC Payback - Total sales, marketing, customer success, etc. costs to acquire a customer. Generally calculated quarterly
  • CLTV/CAC - Margin-affected value of a customer to a business over the course of its relationship 
  • Churn - The dollars that churned or downsell customers represented
  • Cash Flow - Cash generated after operating and capital expenditures, which adds back non-cash expenses like stock-based compensation
  • Cash Conversion Score - The ratio of CARR to capital raised to date (debt + equity) minus the cash on the balance sheet