$67B in Market Capitalization went IPO on Sage Intacct in 2021

There is a maturity curve to growing through your IPO. Sage Intacct is the #1 AICPA-recommended cloud ERP system that helps you become SOX-compliant and create predictable forecasts.

  • Public Market Reporting and Forecasting with 200+ reports and forecasts
  • Intelligent General Ledger with AI to close up to 80% faster
  • One FinOps Tech Stack with 300+ subscription, usage, recurring, SaaS, and project billing scenarios
  • Forecast Billings, Deferred Revenue, Expenses, and Cash across the customer lifetime
  • Global Consolidations with local currency across 120+ countries
Accounting and financial management solutions for subscription and SaaS companies to be IPO ready

How $67B of IPOs leveraged Sage Intacct in 2021: 5 ways we help you prepare and deliver.

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A finance system that achieves IPO scale via automation, control, & integration

As your company goes public, success relies heavily on smart, fast decision-making and flawless execution. For nearly a decade hyper-growth companies have chosen Sage Intacct as the financial foundation for their IPOs.

Sage Intacct provides the automation necessary to streamline accounting and reporting for pre-IPO organizations, with robust financial controls that ensure SOX compliance and auditability while also scaling the financial capabilities to grow—without adding staff.

Scale beyond IPO with SaaS subscription accounting software and financial management solutions via automation, control, and integration

Learn how Sage Intacct helps your SaaS company be IPO-ready.

IPO in sight? We can take you there—and beyond. Is your finance team ready?

As your thriving company readies itself for IPO, it's receiving capital infusion while undergoing more financial scrutiny from auditors, regulators, and investors. Reporting, process, and control heavily becomes burdensome to the CFO, controller, and the rest of the finance team.

Sage Intacct provides easy-to-create real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations for finance leaders to showcase milestones and make data-driven decisions.

Scale beyond IPO with SaaS subscription accounting software and financial management solutions with real-time reports, dashboards, and visualizations

Learn the keys to IPO readiness and post-IPO lessons learned from Sage Intacct customers who successfully IPO'd.

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing solution for an unwavering focus on growth

Selling a portion of the company in the IPO, means millions in cash to fuel future growth. To manage this cash flow a system that supports operational growth and strategic complexity is needed.

To be agile, you need to see further ahead. With deeper insights in real-time, you’ll understand what’s working, and what’s not, from a business perspective to make rapid course corrections. Sage Intacct provides you with this visibility pre & post IPO.

Scale beyond IPO with SaaS subscription accounting software and financial management solutions with Subscription Billing

Learn how Weave scaled to handle 100% annual revenue with monthly closes 75% faster on Sage Intacct.

There is a FinOps process maturity curve to grow through IPO

There is a Process Maturity curve as you grow from Seed through IPO. There are key automations you need to put in place to scale and report on the critical measures of success on your journey. Sage Intacct has built one FinOps Tech Stack to take you through that process.

Scale beyond IPO with SaaS subscription accounting software and financial management solutions with FinOps Tech Stack

Discover how you can scale your SaaS companies FinOps technology stack from seed to IPO and beyond.

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing Solution

The only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration; along with ASC 606, FP&A, and HR.

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G2 Grid Report

See why your finance peers rank Sage Intacct the leader in B2B Subscription Management.

Sage Membership

Anyone with a subscription to Sage software has automatic access to all the benefits of Sage Membership.

Helping you and your business grow with Sage Membership

Subscription and SaaS

The #1 subscription billing and financial software for SaaS companies.

Product add-on modules for subscription and SaaS

Contract and Subscription Billing Contract and Subscription Billing Save time and drive revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Intelligent, automated, and compliant revenue recognition
SaaS Metrics SaaS Metrics Dashboard for CMRR, CAC, Churn, CLTV & more
The fact that we have been able to continue to grow with Sage Intacct, including adding on multiple layers of functionality and taking the company public, and we still have been able to stay in the same system that has grown with us. That’s a huge benefit.
Jill Klindt
SVP and Chief Accounting Officer, Workiva

Frequently asked questions

What SOX compliance do I need to IPO?

Public companies need both SOX 302 and SOX 404 for compliance.  This brief product tour tells the story and shows the capabilities on how Sage Intacct helps our customers be SOX-compliant.

Watch A Day in the Life of SaaS FinOps – SOX Compliance

How can Sage Intacct help me prepare for an IPO?

Here is a concise 5 minutes video on the 7 pieces of infrastructure that Sage Intacct provides to our customers to have the consolidations, compliance, reporting, and forecasting to be a public company.

Watch how Sage Intacct helps you be IPO-ready

How does Finance prepare for an IPO?

Watch this 20-minute session with our partners, PwC, on the 5 key requirements that Finance needs to put in place, across people, process, and technology, in order to IPO.

Watch how finance prepares for an IPO

What is a story of a public company using Sage Intacct?

Hear Matt White, CFO of Corecard, share their scale story, including cutting consolidations from taking days, to being done in seconds.

Learn Corecard’s story