The #1 Subscription Billing & Financial Software for SaaS Companies

  • Build the SaaS financial and operational metrics your exec team and Board want to see
  • Scale your ideal FinOps tech stack to bill, recognize, post, close, and forecast as you scale from early-stage to IPO
  • Create 300+ recurring billing scenarios and 200+ reporting and forecasting
  • Integrate with Salesforce to speed billing by up to 99%
  • Save time on the close with fast consolidations across entities, with foreign exchange
Subscription Billing & Financial Software for SaaS Companies

5 min product tour - Learn more on how you can create CMRR, Churn, CAC, NDR, and other SaaS metrics up to 80% faster with Sage Intacct.

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Strengthen ASC 606 revenue recognition to shorten the close up to 79%

Automating a single revenue stream throughout the customer lifecycle saves you hours of painstaking calculations, accelerates your close and reporting, and improves accuracy and compliance. You have one source of truth—your Sage Intacct financial system. And, it doesn’t require another reconciliation.

Subscription & SaaS Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with ASC 606 Revenue Recognition

Sage Intacct’s automated revenue recognition has enabled GoGuardian to:

  • Reduce its monthly close time by more than 80%
  • Slash DSO by 50% and increase operating cash flow by $7 million
  • Achieve a software ROI of more than 800% in the first year

Raise your next round with great SaaS metrics

Investors want you to prove your business model. Our SaaS metrics dashboards calculate CAC, CLTV, CMRR, Gross Churn, Customer Churn, and other critical KPIs.

Sage Intacct subscription revenue management software uniquely lets you tag unlimited dimensions on your journal entries to provide the calculations for real-time SaaS dashboards, enabling:

  • Early-stage firms to prove revenue models
  • Growth-stage firms to prove net renewal models
  • PE-funded firms to expand EBITDA
Subscription & SaaS Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with SaaS Metrics Dashboards

Learn how to manage subscription metrics through 4 stages of venture growth.

Subscription revenue management software to increase cash flow

Integration across Salesforce CPQ and Sage Intacct financials means information flows seamlessly from quotes or contracts without any rekeying. Sales and Finance share up-to-date data for more accurate billing and better customer service. And that means you can spend more time on higher-value, strategic activities.

Companies that integrate their quote-to-cash often see their DSO decrease up to 30%, freeing up cash flow to invest in hiring and acquisitions.

Subscription & SaaS Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with Integration with Other Systems

Learn how Acquia:

  • Cut order-to-bill processing time by 50%
  • Reduced deferred A/R balance by 33% and trimmed DSO by 10%
  • Increased operational cash by 10% while cash forecast variances dropped 80%

Smarter subscription management software–from quote to financial forecast

Sage Intacct offers the only ASC 606 cloud accounting and billing solution–from quote to financial forecast. Thanks to native CPQ integration, finance teams can:

  • Reduce quote-to-cash processing time by up to 60%
  • Cut the financial close by up to 79%
  • Increase operational cash flow by up to 20%
  • Grow up to 400% without additional finance headcount
  • Reduce revenue-forecast variances to less than 10%, which can increase your valuation in fund-raising
Subscription & SaaS Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with Smart Subscription Revenue Management

Learn how MemberClicks created an 18-month rolling forecast on billings, cash, and revenue.

Build usage, consumption, evergreen, and hybrid billing

With Sage Intacct, you can build 300+ billing scenarios across usage, consumption, product-led growth, high ACV, and hybrid models, building your value metrics to incentivize growth with your customers and your team. Plus, have ASC606/IFRS15 revenue recognition, and 200+ investor-grade reports on your progress.

  • Evergreen
  • Minimum
  • Standard, Volume and Flat Rate Tiered
  • Rollover
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Time-based
  • Overage
  • Plus more
Subscription & SaaS Companies Accounting and Financial Management Solutions with Agile and Automatic Billing

Learn how Weave scaled to handle 100% annual revenue with monthly closes 75% faster on Sage Intacct.

The #1 B2B Subscription Billing Solution

The only combined subscription billing and financial management software with ARR, MRR and other key SaaS metrics, SaaS dashboards, revenue recognition, reporting, and Salesforce integration; along with ASC 606, FP&A, and HR.

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G2 Grid Report

See why your finance peers rank Sage Intacct the leader in B2B Subscription Management.

Subscription and SaaS

The #1 subscription billing and financial software for SaaS companies.

Product add-on modules for subscription and SaaS

Contract and Subscription Billing Contract and Subscription Billing Save time and drive revenue
Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition Intelligent, automated, and compliant revenue recognition
SaaS Metrics SaaS Metrics Dashboard for CMRR, CAC, Churn, CLTV & more

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Sage Intacct has given us the ability to better forecast the business and focus on a go-forward strategy, rather than ‘here and now.’ I couldn’t have done that with NetSuite.
Brent Stringer
Director of Finance and Accounting, MemberClicks

Frequently asked questions

What’s different about Sage Intacct’s Subscription Management Platform?

Most finance teams spend 80% of their time doing manual transaction support, and only 20% of their time on strategic planning. The best SaaS operational finance teams chose Sage Intacct to shift that to 80% strategic, 20% transactional. We have engineered our platform to eliminate manual, tedious processes that burn through weeks of work each month, such as manual entry of orders out of and exceptions to contract revenue recognition and billing. We then provide access to the necessary real-time SaaS metrics, financial dashboards and tools to enable strategic analysis, forecasting, and scenario planning that allow CFOs to recommend new initiatives that grow revenue, reduce churn, improve efficiency of customer acquisition, direct product development that delights customers, adjusts pricing to maximize customer acquisition and profitability, and deliver the churn, cash-flow, CMRR, and other metrics with confidence to impress investors and secure new funding.

Order-entry-only suites don’t allow you to manage SaaS revenue recognition, billing, or SaaS metrics. And subscription-billing-only solutions don’t allow you to track expenses, see cash-flow, or forecast scenario planning for the company.

I’m a SaaS Subscription startup and I want to upgrade off QuickBooks or Xero and am looking for my next Financial Management System. Is Sage Intacct a good next step for me?

Sage Intacct is the only complete Subscription + Financial Management solution – we uniquely offer SaaS finance teams one subscription system of record across billings, revenue, and cash, covering the entire customer lifecycle. This allows revenue operations to maximize CMRR and CLTV through innovative subscription pricing for new sales, upsells, and renewals. In turn, Controllers automate AP, AR, billing, rev rec, and consolidations, with controls, to accelerate the close and increase cash flow. And CFOs have reporting and forecasting visibility on the billings, revenue, and cash of the company to guide strategic investments and decisions. Read more on why we are rated #1 in B2B Subscription Management.

What are the key features to look for in choosing a Subscription Billing Software?
  • Automation and streamlining of core financial management functions such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and the financial close
  • Complete SaaS contract management, efficient operational processing, timely reporting, and a comprehensive audit trail on initial sales, upsells, renewals, and downsells
  • Robust, contract-based subscription billing that handles multiple pricing methods (fixed, quantity-based, usage-based, discount tiers, overages, included units, and time & materials
  • Automated quote to cash with bi-directional native integration with and Salesforce CPQ
  • Native, single, primary general ledger chart of accounts, with AI for a continuous close
  • Easy to use multiple entity management and consolidation
  • Multiple operating dimensions for all transactions, with statistical accounts
  • Cloud-based architecture that dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership by lowering IT costs, reducing technology risks, and improving productivity, with top security
  • ASC 606 and IFRS 15 revenue recognition compliance, with dual book

To learn more, check out our Ultimate Checklist For Choosing Subscription Billing Software.

In addition to Product Features, what are the benefits of using Sage Intacct?
  • Consolidate 100s of entities in seconds
  • Reduce order-to-bill cycle time by up to 99%
  • Cut DSO by up to 1 month, creating up to 1 month of operational cash flow
  • Reduce the financial close by up to 80%
  • Transform from being 80% manual to 80% strategic
  • Reduce cash-burn to extend cash position up to 6 months
  • Improve gross margin by up to 20%
  • Find up to 5% of missed billings
  • Improve CAC up to 10% through dimensional analysis of upsell
  • Run real-time what-if scenario planning to reduce your cash forecast variance by up to 90%
  • Improve cash-flow and visibility to get 100x return-on-invested capital
  • Manage performance obligations and commission expense to become ASC 606 compliant
  • Have real-time, role-based dashboards on key financial data for key decisions on hiring, acquiring, and timing for fundraising
  • Enjoy one subscription quote to cash to cut order-to-bill by up to 99% and increase cash-flow by up to 20%
  • Get Budget-to-Actuals to the P/L leaders up to 50% faster
What makes Sage Intacct unique in helping fast-growth SaaS companies with accounting, billing, and forecasting?

CFOs want to know Operational Finance Reporting on SaaS metrics. Having all the sales, upsells, renewals, and expenses in one place allows you to have real-time dashboards on CMRR, CLTV/CAC ratios, Cash, Churn, Customer count, and other KPIs.

We are the ONLY company to offer Billing, AP, AR, GL, expense management, financial reporting, forecasting, and the financial close all in one solution.

Why is this important? With all of these connected together, you now have real-time access to your data anytime, not just at the close of the month.

This also eliminates manual entry of data and so you don’t have to worry about having made a mistake or have inaccurate data.

The net benefit to you is cutting order-to-cash by up to 99% to lower DSO by up to a month, which can lead to up to 1 month of operational cashflow (ie., potentially millions of dollars).

Which roles in the SaaS finance team does Sage Intacct help be more successful?
  • Controller - automate billing, revenue, and expenses to close with controls
  • CFO - know the strategic levers to be the business model architect
  • Revenue Manager -- create deferred revenue reporting
  • Billing Manager - automate invoicing and collections
  • FP&A -- create forecasts and budgets/actuals for team to manage cash-flow and growth
  • SalesOps - integrate the quote to billing to speed quote-to-cash
  • RevOps - create billing and pricing scenarios, with metrics to track
  • CEO - know the cash, billing, and SaaS metrics position of the company to make strategic moves
Can you share a case study and the benefits of switching to Sage Intacct?

Jobvite (a leading HR recruiting Software (SaaS) company founded in Silicon Valley) is leading the next wave of recruitment innovation. They were challenged using NetSuite with manually entering and reconciling orders, upsells and renewals to the original order and missing revenue and delaying reporting, which affected cash-flow and growth.

When they needed to become ASC 606 compliant, they chose Sage Intacct Contracts, replacing NetSuite.

With Sage Intacct, Jobvite:

  • Found 2% of billings they had missed
  • Improved Gross Margin 1%
  • Grew revenue 75%, while only growing G&A 5%
  • Improved Quote-to-Cash cycle time by 30%
  • Consolidated 5 entities and sped the close to 5 days

This helped them shift effort from 80% bookkeeping and transactional focus to 80% analytics and business.

What does it mean to automate subscription order to cash and how can this enable my finance team to provide more value to the company?

To guide growth and scenario planning, CFOs need to have near real-time data on revenue, billing, and cash to be the business model architect for their company. In turn, Controllers need to automate the key financial processes in the company in order to scale transaction processing, produce financial reporting for decision making, and maintain controls for audited financials.

Today’s SaaS company finance teams need to provide near real-time visibility on the financial position and forecast for their company in order to guide big decision-making. They first need to capture the order out of in order to speed invoicing to increase cash flow. They then need to create innovative subscription pricing models in order to maximize the value of their offering and differentiate from their competition. Next, they need to allocate revenue and expenses across multiple revenue classes, over the customer lifetime, so they understand their deferred revenues to maximize valuation for fundraising.

Then they need to display those SaaS metrics and financial results consolidated from multiple business entities with dimensions for cohort analysis. Strategically, their executive team wants to see both budget-vs-actual and a forecast on billing, cash, and revenue, in order to make smart decisions on hiring, expansion, fundraising, acquisitions, and other key growth levers.