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What new technologies are used in HR management?

New technologies used in HR management include Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and Virtual Reality (VR). Successful organizations harness these and a range of proven digital tools within a market-leading HRMS (HR management system). The best HRM solutions evolve continually to make best use of the latest technology innovation to manage and enhance every aspect of HR and People experiences and processes.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality technologies are becoming more common in training and talent management. Candidates and employees can learn and practice skills and show how they would act and respond in a virtual environment.

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped in recruitment and acquisition, screening applications and matching candidate experience with role requirements. This can help avoid unconscious bias in shortlisting, interviewing and selection, applying criteria in exactly the same fair way to every applicant. Machine learning feeds back into processes like this, identifying the characteristics of previously successful hires and spotting the same qualities and abilities in future candidates.

Cloud technology

For optimal agility and to keep up with the latest updates and capabilities, most new HR technology solutions use cloud technology. It's secure, flexible and mobile, so employees and HR managers can use the HRMS wherever they are. Mobile platforms and apps are important technologies, giving employees self-service capabilities, so they can access and update their own HR and People information and choices at will.


In HR and People teams, automation is already widely used, reducing manual processing and human error in HR administration. It speeds up end-to-end processes, such as recruitment and on-boarding. Digital analytics and big data also play a crucial role in new HR technology, helping HR and People leaders to understand how best to engage and motivate their employees.


Predictive analytics inform HR planning for recruitment, retention, training, facilities, policies, rewards and benefits.

With so much change and increasing expectations in the working environment, workforce experiences are more important than ever. Find out more about Sage People's modern HR and People system that helps organizations create great workforce experiences, helping also to retain top talent.

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