• Attendance and leave management

    Get a complete picture of absence and attendance for every employee, wherever they are. Global reporting gives you big-picture insights as well as fine detail. Automation and self-service leave requests save valuable time for skilled HR staff.

Time-off management

Sage People makes it easy for everyone in your organization to manage time off.

  • Highly configurable policy settings make it easy to meet legislation and absence rules in different geographies
  • Empower your employees to schedule paid time off, track absences and other types of leave using the self-service portal and then import iCal to share time booked
  • Easily track and manage planned and unplanned absences by team or by individual
  • Employees are automatically notified when their requests are approved, or not, and their remaining entitlements updated in real time
  • Team calendars and overlapping absence warnings enable managers to check they have appropriate cover before approving time off
  • Documents such as sick certificates or medical assessments can be uploaded to team member records for auditing purposes

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Improve decision making with real time data on attendance and leave management.

  • Identify, manage and report on paid leave, absences, overtime etc. for the entire global workforce
  • Monitor and manage the cost of absence, keeping an eye on critical trends, such as working time lost by year, or month with easy-to-use real-time drag and drop reporting functionality
  • Track time and manage policies from a single, automated system of record, so you are always prepared for audits to meet compliance requirements
  • Get complete visibility of all employee’s attendance and leave through integrated metrics, reporting, and dashboards

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Meaningful time and attendance data in a single centralized system drives automation.

  • Track, manage, and plan employee time automated workforce processes
  • Record total time, start and end time, time by pay code, time by work allocation through configurable timesheets, integrated with payroll
  • Setup flexible working patterns -have different hours per day and shift schedules allocated to different team members
  • Save time and keystrokes by auto-calculating overtime for employees’ overtime hours
  • Manage your pay rates and employees pay by connecting your existing payroll systems
  • Absences automatically appear in timesheets so these can be deducted and remove manual steps for your HR and People teams
  • Reduce time-consuming manual administrative processes removing costly payroll errors and freeing your HR and People teams to focus on value-add activities

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