• Payroll, compensation and benefits

    Manage compensation and benefits for the entire global workforce.

Integrated payroll

Easily integrate your payroll solutions with Sage People, giving one source of truth for your people data.

  • Sage People is the single system of record for employee data, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information across one or more payrolls
  • Seamlessly pass salary and benefits data to one or more payroll systems using Sage People Payflow; a secure and highly configurable set of services
  • Integrate seamlessly with finance and accounting systems to automatically pass workforce related costs to journals and accounts
  • Use on demand reports, dashboards and analytics to keep track of all payroll, compensation and benefits data

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Design compensation processes that optimize budgets, improve compliance, reduce manual steps, and reward high-performing employees.

  • Use one source of data to plan and analyze compensation packages, informed by individual performance metrics
  • Manage, record and allocate salary, HR guidelines and manager recommendations in one system
  • Auto generate compensation letters to local HR teams, managers and team members as part of the salary planning process
  • Managers can review, modify and approve their teams compensation plans from one intuitive system
  • Select from multiple formulas to determine salary rules, choose specific worksheet planners, and have a single, clear view of worksheet progress

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Sage People makes it easy to manage benefit plans with support for multiple third-party benefit providers.

  • Manage eligibility rules in open enrollment for benefits, enhanced calculations, and rate tables; make changes to benefits ahead of changes actually being implemented (e.g. effective date in 6 months from today or midyear benefits)
  • Test proposed changes and recalculate benefits in real-time in a range of parameters including age, salary, and years of service
  • Communicate the total value of an employee’s benefits package with an easy to understand reward statement
  • Highly configurable global system that allows you to define and optimize compensation and benefit packages for local markets
  • Any updates will automatically change an employee’s pay and benefits via predefined workflows and corresponding notification sent to employee so they are always kept informed

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